5 animals other than humans that can laugh

Humans are not the only animals that laugh.

Research has found that there are around 65 different species of animals that do it too.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of those animals.

It’s needless to say that laughter is an important part of human behavior. It helps us express our emotions and also connect with others. However, this is not a mere human phenomenon, as many other animal species demonstrate laughter – although the volume, emotion, and frequency might differ! They mostly laugh for communication, and also during playful activities.

(Contrary to popular belief, hyenas do not laugh. While their vocalizations sound a lot like human laughter, it’s just a form of communication to express their emotions.)

Dolphins laugh during play-fighting

Dolphins – one of the most beloved marine mammals – are known for their emotional as well as intellectual skills. In 2004, some marine scientists in Sweden noticed that dolphins produce a certain type of sound during play-fighting, which they never make during fights or other aggressive confrontations. The scientists researched further and finally concluded that this is a sound of pleasure, or precisely, laughter.

Chimpanzees’ laughter sounds similar to screeching 

Both humans and chimpanzees share lots of similarities, laughter being a major one amongst them. They laugh quite frequently during playful activities, and also to convey fear, surprise, and frustration. Moreover, just like us, they also laugh when tickled in the neck, armpit, or feet. Their laughter is produced by an alteration between deep inhalation and exhalation.

Rats’ laughter is inaudible to human ears

Scientists have observed that rats produce a long, high-pitched sound during rough play when tickled, or as a response to any positive experience. This sound – as research suggests – is laughter, and the brain mechanisms behind its production are very similar to that of humans. Also, rats that laugh the most prefer spending time with other laughing rats.

Dogs’ laughter is sometimes called a “play-pant”

The way dogs laugh is unlike how other animal species do. They make laughter through panting – which varies in terms of frequencies. They laugh to initiate playful activities, decrease stress levels, and also connect socially with humans or other dogs. Moreover, just like humans, dogs also have a sense of humor. And it’s known to all that dogs try to make humans laugh.

Gorillas make laughter-like panting

Like chimpanzees, gorillas also laugh during play or when tickled. Moreover, they use laughter to express a wide range of emotions. In fact, research has found that gorillas use sign language to crack jokes to make others laugh. On the other hand, as suggested by several studies, these apes also have some sense of humor.

The list also includes keys, bonobos, orangutans, elephants, grolar bears, and more.

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