5 Animals That Can Withstand Extremely Cold Climate

Five animals that amaze us with their adaptations to adverse climatic conditions around the globe!

When we think of winter, we can picture shuttered glass windows, snow-covered yards, we sitting snug and heated sipping hot chocolate in a cosy blanket. Now imagine standing in 3 feet snow with nothing except your own body warmth and skin! Traumatic, isn’t it? We humans are not built to live in a subzero climate and will only survive with external aid and clothing. But there are some animals who not only resist the chill but also thrive on them!

  1. Snow Leopard-
Just like a big cat with a short muzzle, the snow leopard thrives in mountain ranges of central Asia. The smoked grey spotted coat keeps them warm in the frosty regions. The thick tail keeps their nose and face from going stiff when they sleep. Their bodies are different from regular leopard as their compact paws, and bushy fur minimizes the heat release and keeps them stable walking on snow. It’s a shame their population is going down considerably because of poaching, hunting and alteration in the ecosystem.
  1. Arctic Hare-
When we think of hair, a large bunny with the cuddly body comes to mind. The artic hair has thick fur, and the ears are shorter than regular rabbits. They live in holes under layers of dense snow to keep warm. Their skin changes colour through the year to camouflage themselves according to the surrounding. If you see one during winter, you will probably confuse it with a ball of snow!
  1. Leopard Seal-
These predators restrict themselves to the arctic region. Their powerful jaws and muscular bodies help them hunt fish, squids, and penguins easily. The patterned fur makes them disguise well in seas and on land when they sit to dry themselves off. The layer of bubbled fat under their skin helps them stay heated even in freezing waters.
  1. Musk Ox-
Primary inhabitants of the Arctic region, the males emit a strong musky odour during mating season, hence the name. They feed on roots and berries found in tundra and the hooves help them walk on ice easily. The fur covers them almost forming a tent to keep them insulated through the winters.
  1. Polar Bear-
A fully evolved species, the polar bear can fight the arctic circumstances easily. The thick furry oily coat insulates them from the cold, and the hairy soles and thick paws help them walk easily on ice. Due to Global warming, their natural habitat has become changed extensively, and they are classified as endangered species.