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5 Art Related Movies and Books

For the Art Connoisseur, who wishes to experience art in more than one way, here are some cool books and films regarding masterpieces that one must see/ read!

Moulin Rouge – Pierre La Mure’s masterpiece classic, is about the life of the French Impressionist Artist, Henri De Toulouse Lautrec. Though suffering from a disorder, which prevented his legs from growing, he was a hugely talented artist, whose celebrated renditions of the famous Moulin Rouge are on display in the Musee’ De Orsay even today. Not only does the book capture his time at Montmartre, his experiences, his paintings, and his engagements, but a general picture of the environment of Paris at the time, the artistic community at large, and the major radical breakaway produced by the impressionists. This story will make you laugh, cry and hope all at the same time!

Loving Vincent – This beautiful film is based on Vincent Van Gogh, and takes upon the mysterious circumstances of his death. Other than an enrapturing mystery, this entire film is painted and involved over a thousand artists. Every scene is like emerging from a Van Gogh painting itself, with the beautiful effects and the enchanting Impressionist strokes. The film is heartwarming, and also mesmerizing in terms of its aesthetics and therefore is a must-watch for art lovers, mystery-lovers, and connoisseurs of Impressionist Art!

Da Vinci Code – This riveting book by Dan Brown entails one of the most engrossing mysteries ever, and is centered around the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper.  A semiotician, Robert Langdon along with a Cartographer, Sophie Neveu undertake a dangerous trail, which involved interpreting paintings, cracking codes, and uncovering dark secrets about societies! Beginning with the murder of the curator of the Louvre, the duo undertakes a massive trail, all the time while being in danger of being attacked and followed. The reveal is sure to startle the reader. The book is an immensely satisfying read!

The Private Life of  Mona Lisa – Another landmark book by Pierre La Mure, this book traces the mystery of who the girl in the legendary painting, Mona Lisa actually is and how she came to be depicted in Da Vinci’s painting, which has made her unforgettable. The book traces her life, the growth and prosperity in Florence during the Renaissance period, the rise of the Medici Family, and the tragic decline and the rise of Leonardo Da Vinci. The book traces a personal history, but it is so much more, it is a story about history, people, love, and tragedy.

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