5 Audio Books To Save In Your Travel Kit Always

Are you someone who would love to plug in headphones and listen to audiobooks? Here are the choicest book recordings that will make your travel time enjoyable and free from boredom.

Every reader has their own collection of novels installed in their bookshelf to finish on a long trip or be their companion in their ‘me time’. The genre and authors may vary, and with the advancement of technology, audiobooks have seized the attention of voracious readers who would love to tune themselves to their favourite book. Here are the best audiobooks to read that are quick to complete but will keep you hooked till you finish the entire recording.

  1. Sadie-

The eight hour run time audiobook is about a girl fighting for justice of her sibling’s death. The thrilling podcast of her journey and her radiating personality is something you can’t keep aside once you plug it in your ears.

  1. Jell-O Girls-

The 7 hours 43 minutes audiobook of author Allie Rowbottom with her family who are both blessed and cursed with Jell-O that has caused fortune and mishaps. The fascinating story is both tragical and engaging. The author abiding her mom’s last wish compels the listeners to hear the entire work without a pause.

  1. Meet Me At The Museum-

A run time of six and a half hours will fill you with overwhelming emotions. The audiobook about a couple who have given up on their hope of love starts over again. If you like romantic books, this story is going to make you dig it into listening to it again and again all over again.

  1. Small Animals-

The eight hours and fifteen minutes are going to make you laugh aloud in terms. Whether you are a parent or not, the collective experience of parents from all over the world and the knowledge of what constitute a good mom and dad issomething you would love to engage your time in.

  1. A Double Life-

The seven hours audio of a murder mystery with the protagonist unravelling the riddle of crime will keep your mind preoccupied. The mishap of the story is done in her house when she was little. The final puzzle to finding if her accused father is the real culprit or not after 30 years of imprisonment is something that will send shivers down your spine.

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