5 Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Kids

Reading stories to your child during bedtime is the best way to spend time with them and give them the attention they need.

One of the perks of reading bedtime stories to your kids is of course getting to spend time with them. However, reading bedtime stories do not just simply prepare your kids to sleep. There are many more benefits for your child. From inducing brain development to building up their vocabulary reading bedtime stories to your kids does wonders for the little munchkins. Here’s how reading delightful bedtime stories could help your child.

Improves Logical Skills

Notice how your kid wants you to read their favorite book every night? While it might get a little repetitive and monotonous for you, fact is it builds your kid’s observation and logical skills. They start noticing patterns as a result of repetition. They might even start predicting possible outcomes for some scenes using clues that match the context. These skills help your child to understand logical sequences thereby improving their critical thinking capabilities.

Lowers Stress Levels

Reading helps kids to manage stress as much as it does for adults. When you read bedtime stories to children, they are taken away into their imagination away from the stressful environment around them. Moreover, being in touch with the parent during bedtime stories lowers their cortisol levels which helps them relax.

Builds Vocabulary and Communication Skills

This one’s a no brainer. Reading bedtime stories to your kid and engaging in conversation about the same helps build their communication skills. Make sure that the reading process is an interactive one. Playing around during reading like using funny expressions, stressing on phonemes and sounds will improve their vocabulary as well.

Cognitive development

Reading bedtime stories to your child has a positive effect on the brain development. It activated the parts of the brain associated with narrative comprehension and mental imagery. It helps them process concepts, language, speech, sounds and visuals. This in turn builds early literacy skills in your child even before they enter the school.

Encourages Love for Reading

Reading bedtime stories to children would get them in the healthy habit for reading. It would grow their interest in reading eventually cultivating a motivation to pick up a book every now and then. It will also gradually build in them the ability to read by themselves.

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