5 Best educational toys for your toddler.

Are you looking for educational and engaging toys for your toddlers? Check out our list of the best educational toys which would help with their development while having a lot of fun.

During the toddler years, i.e. 1 to 3 years, children are very eager to learn new things and explore the world around them. So now is the correct time to start introducing educational toys to them. We have to be very careful before we select these toys as we want to learn in a playful way. Though we see that toy manufactures try to lure you with new electronic toys which promise to turn your little one into little Einstein but don’t be fooled with this marketing gimmick. Paediatricians advise that toys which don’t require batteries, are simple and educate in a straightforward way are usually the best. Here are some of the best educational toys for your toddler.


  1. Building blocks

Building blocks are the best way to teach toddlers problem-solving, self-expression, mathematics and creativity. You can find a variety of building blocks in stores nowadays. Some are simple wood blocks, and some are fancy interlocking type. Whatever you may decide to get, building blocks are very powerful learning toy for a curious toddler. Arranging building blocks stimulates a child’s motor development skills and help them to engage in the open-end and creative play.

  1. Lacing toys and threading beads

Lacing toys are very significant and very beneficial development toy for toddlers. It improves the child’s gross motor skill, improves their hand-eye coordination, improves attention span and also improves pincer grip, which later helps him/her to hold a pencil.

  1. Puzzles

If you want to put some effort into serious learning for your toddler, then set aside those flashy talking toys and invest in some good old puzzles. You can start with a shape sorter, which can help them recognize shapes. Then you can move on to puzzles that have number or alphabets inside a square which can be removed and put back by children in an engaging way.

  1. Stacking and sorting toys

Stacking and sorting toys not only improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination but also works on depth perception. You can start with nesting cups which help in the first stage of visual perception and then little complex sorting and stacking toys that help to understand comparisons of different shapes and sizes.

  1. Play Dough

Play dough is also one of the simplest yet effective ways to improve your kid’s attention span. It also encourages and enhances their creativity in a fun way. Your child learns more about trial and error method, different shapes and mixing of different colours.

Educational toys are the best way to engage the curious minds of toddlers which paves the way to the foundation of lifelong learning. So, bring home these toys and let your toddlers engage in efficient yet straightforward learning.

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