Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 best places to visit in the world for the Christmas celebration.

If you are out of plans for this Christmas holiday, visit these places.

Christmas is undoubtedly the most celebrated and anticipated festival in the world. Whether it is in the western or eastern part or has Christianity as its predominant religion or not, the majority of the countries celebrates Christmas. More than a religious festival, Christmas is like a carnival. People cherish the get-together, the party, the food more than the religious beliefs. While some people like to celebrate Christmas with their friends and families at their homes, some like to visit exclusive places to see the culture and their beautiful ways to celebrate Christmas. If you are the second kind of a person who wants to utilize this holiday by travelling as well as celebrating Christmas, then these five places are for you:

Lapland, Finland

A snowy Christmas is the best kind, with snowy mountains straight to the home of Santa Clause. The character Santa is the most admired resident of this city. You can find him in reindeer-dotted forests and observe his elves preparing the toys. Lapland is a fantastic place to be if you want a dreamy storybook Christmas. They also have a unique 'Santa Park' for visitors, making them feel the real vibe of Christmas. 

The Vatican City

If you are up for a more traditional form of Christmas celebration, Vatican city is the place. The city is always packed with visitors because of its rich history, but it is magical here during December. You will be spoilt for options to do as the whole city is full of beautiful scenes. The entire city is lit up these two days and attracts many pilgrims and Midnight Mass in St Peter's Basilica.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for parties and happening life. So no wonder why Christmas would be one of the most fantastic attractions. Amsterdam prepares itself for Christmas almost a month before, where every house is adorned with sparkling lights. To make your Christmas more memorable, stay here till New Year’s Eve and enjoy local drinks and fireworks in Dam Square or the Nieuwmarkt.

Bondi Beach, Australia

While Christmas means snowy nights, Bondi Beach in Australia is known for offering the opposite of the northern-hemisphere Christmas formula, Christmas celebrated with sand, sun, and surfing. The beaches are the main attraction for explorers and backpackers.

Zurich, Switzerland

What could be better than snowy mountains, starry nights, cobbled streets, and exotic geolocate in Christmas? Zurich is a place that offers the fantasy vibe of Christmas. The city provides crowded markets and guided Christmas walks, and singing Christmas trees. For a magical Christmas experience, Zurich is the place for you.