5 Best Places Which You Must Visit In Southern India

Travel and have some fun!

South India has a lot of beautiful places to visit. If you go there you will be able to experience hills and beaches at the same time. Pollution free environment is the most desirable in this current time period. South India is famous for that. The pleasant weather, an amazing climate and humidity can be counted in too. There are a lot of places that everybody should try to visit but because of the number of people it is hard to cover all the places at once. So you better try to visit south India more than once.


This city is in Karnataka and after Bangalore the famous one. Travelling to Mysore is easy as it has its own airport. Mysore Palace is the most famous place there and also can be a best trip for family or friends only. There is also Jaganmohan Palace and Mysore Zoo. This place is actually full of palaces for kings and emperors. The hotel availability is also good. So try to visit the palace and feel the luxury


This place is famous on its own. But the institutes present in that city have their own fame. Students often go there from different regions of India and foreign countries for study. This silicon city is not really made of silicon though, the palaces are made of different materials, I guess. Bangalore Palace, ISKCON temple are really popular. The most famous one is Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. As I mentioned before, South India was really a favourite place for Kings also. This city has a lot of facilities for travel and lodging. So visiting this well connected city is really great.


This city is located in Kerala. Varkala is one of the famous places in Trivandrum. Kerala is full of temples, churches and mosques. Padmanabha Swamy temple is one of them. The architecture is flawless and a glimpse of ancient India is present here in every single stone. Other than that Kovalam beaches and Ponmudi hill are worth visiting.


This is a union territory and a self-sufficient state. Colonisation affected India in a great manner and Pondicherry is one of the appropriate examples among them. This French colonised state is surrounded by water so it has some interesting beaches. Other than that some Churches, temples and quarters are present with some imprint of French people. Warm and gentle weather can make you feel good. 


A city in Tamil Nadu which is full of rich architecture carved and created in ancient times. Meenakshi Amman Temple is the best one.

So go and have a great time.

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