5 Bollywood movies to watch when you’re overseas and craving some desi love!

Watch these films if your heart is seeking out some shuddh desi vibes.

One can surely take the desi out of an Indian but taking the Indian out of the desi is extremely difficult. Don’t you agree? Watching a Bollywood film full of the ‘masala’ moments and all the tear-jerking drama is an emotion that can’t be replaced in any way. When Shah Rukh Khan spreads his arms and gives a smile or when Kajol dresses in a black saree and dances in the snow, our eyes twinkle. Not all may agree, but we secretly love watching these sappy Karan Johar films and imagine a similar life.

So, if you are currently abroad and missing some desi love, here’s a list of movies you can watch to get over the immense nostalgia…

  1. Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham – How can a list of Bollywood films begin without mentioning this film? The classic family drama involving the separation of a mother and son along with the reuniting of two brothers. There’s romance, there’s tension, and there’s a happy ending. In between all of that, there’s dancing and singing, so nostalgia is sure to come!
  2. Swades – This film may not be high on drama, but when your heart misses mother India, this should be your go-to film. The way Shah Rukh Khan, who plays the role of an NRI, touches back to his roots and submerges himself in the desi feelings, is what makes this film a masterpiece.
  3. Lagaan – Another classic masterpiece, this film is sure to get you all riled up about your country and make you want to come back. Based entirely during the pre-independence time, this Oscar-nominated film explores the drama, cricket and social commentary. The nail-biting moments during the cricket match in the film are just phenomenal.
  4. Chak De India! – You may think we are getting too biased over Shah Rukh Khan and his acting, but this film needs a mention in this list. People who love sports drama, this should be your top choice as it will give you all the national pride and respect feels.

Rang De Basanti ­– This patriotic film was sure to make a huge roar when it released, and it is still relevant today. It takes us on a journey of six students fighting for justice and finally leaving us weeping for our nation. Rang De Basanti is a cult film which every Indian must watch at least once in their lifetime.

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