5 Cheapest Countries To Travel To For Indians

It’s a beautiful feeling to be bitten by the travel bug, but it can also be costly. Many people have dreams of globe-trotting. They may feel discouraged from making this a reality due to the high cost of travel.

How can you see the world while not spending a lot of money? It is possible to travel on an affordable budget. This list will answer all your questions. You’ll not only be able to travel on a tight budget but also in style. You can find out which international destinations are the cheapest from India.


Thailand is the most popular tourist destination for budget-minded people. You will have the opportunity to interact with friendly and gregarious people, as well as try many activities. You can go clubbing, dive into turquoise waters, eat cheap street food, and enjoy the chaotic markets. The night skyline, authentic spas, and the friendly, easy-going Thai people are just a few of the many things you can enjoy in Thailand. Bangkok is a great place to visit for its vibrant nightlife; Pattaya, Chiang Rai, and Krabiis good places to go for beautiful beaches and mountain trekking.

Sri Lanka

You will find tranquil beaches, picturesque places, historical monuments, hill stations, and bustling cities, as well as delicious seafood out here. This country offers both peace and chaos. Colombo or Negombo offers city life. NuwaraEliya or Kandy are great places to visit if you love cold weather, tea plantations, and waterfalls. It is located in the Indian Ocean and boasts the most delicious seafood and beautiful shorelines.


Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom situated in the eastern Himalayas. It offers snow-covered hills and steamy clouds. The country is known for its primary goal of keeping people happy. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. It is peaceful here, with no traffic lights or honking. You will find Bhutan a treasure trove of beautiful sights, including monasteries and Himalayan mountains.


The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Nepal, is a popular destination. It experiences violent thunderstorms that erupt through the Himalayan valleys. This option is the cheapest, but it will give you the most spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks and lush green mountains.


Vietnam is a country that only the dedicated seeker can discover. This country is located in Southeast Asia and offers many things for a reasonable price. It is home to Halong Bay, the largest cave in Asia, and many other attractions, including islands, forests, religious sites, and sacred places. You will be tempted to visit the Marble Mountains and green paddy farms. The floating markets, which offer a variety of traditional street food such as rice noodles and rice crepes are known to be a paradise for bargain shoppers.

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