Published By: Sougata Dutta

5 Cities Of Pakistan Anybody Will Fell In Love With

The most lovable cities of Pakistan..

Though Pakistan does not attract that many international tourists, particularly when in comparison to its neighbour India. But, Pakistan is stunning, has very few specific locations to visit, and can certainly be an incredible travel destination. Here are the top five cities of Pakistan anybody will fall in love with.

  1. Islamabad

Islamabad is the modern capital of Pakistan, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. For most people Islamabad is the excellent city in Pakistan to begin exploring the country. Islamabad has attracted people from all around the country, giving it a mixture of cultures. Most people living in Islamabad are properly educated, giving the city a more Western feel in terms of tolerance, secularism, liberalism etc.
  1. Lahore

If you like history and tradition then Lahore is one of the great cities to visit in Pakistan. It is called the cultural capital of Pakistan. Lahore is full of records, tradition, and culture, however has a huge modern side to it as well. The architectural style of Lahore is a combination of present day and old.
  1. Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan’s most populous town and primary economic centre. It controls Pakistan’s primary stock marketplace and hosts the head workplaces of the country’s leading corporations. Karachi is also called Pakistan’s transportation hub, because it has the two largest seaports and the busiest airport in the country. Everyday life in Karachi feels distinctive from that in other towns in Pakistan. Karachi’s tradition is a unique mixture of Middle Eastern, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western influences.

But Karachi is more famous for its huge variety of food and the malls.

  1. Multan

Multan is located almost in the middle of Southern Punjab but also not some distance from Sindh, making it rich in tradition and culture influenced by each side. The place around the city is flat and ideal for agriculture, with many citrus and mango farms.
  1. Peshawar

Peshawar is well-known for its food and tourism. Some well-known food you must try in Peshawar is Chapli Kebab, Namak Mandi Karahi, Dum Pukht, Kabuli Pulao, Mantu, and Aushak. The delicacies here are quite much like Afghan delicacies, as Peshawar is located near the border with Afghanistan and has plenty of cultural similarities.

You can visit Taxila from Peshawar which boasts Buddhist history and remains. Or visit Takht-i-Bahi, which are the ruins of a well-known ancient Buddhist monastery. In the summertime trekking tours to the mountains are provided from Peshawar.