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5 common shower mistakes you should avoid for a healthy body

We make alot of mistakes while taking a shower that ends up harming our health.

Taking shower at least once is an integral part of our everyday routine. In fact, a study has shown that people on average spend about 1.5 years inside the bathroom. First of all, it’s surely a healthy activity for our overall well-being. But it’s also very much important to shower correctly, otherwise, it may take a heavy toll on our health. The fact is that most of us make several mistakes while taking a shower without even realizing their negative impacts. So, in this article, we will discuss some of those common mistakes that you should avoid right now.

Showering too often

Surprising as it may sound, we don’t need to shower every day. It washes off all the natural oils and good bacteria from the skin, which eventually leaves our skin dull, dry, and itchy. Unless you are sweaty, take showers only three or four times a week.

Taking hot showers

Let’s be honest about it – we all love taking hot showers, especially in winter. It relaxes our body, relieves stress, clears nasal congestion, promotes sleep patterns, and more. But when you take hot showers daily, it can become extremely harmful in the longrun. It damages the skin cells, causes dry and itchy skin, harms hair cuticles, triggers infections, and makes you feel dizzy.

Using wrong products

Some shower products contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. For instance, scented soaps can cause pigmentation along with a variety of skin infections. Most of the common shampoos contain ingredients like sulfates, parabens, etc. that cause severe harm to your scalp. So, read the labels carefully before buying any such products.

Not washing the towel

If you don’t wash your towel often, it can lead you to numerous issues very soon. Damp towels are a breeding ground for viruses, mold, and bacteria. So, wash the towel at least thrice a week and also make sure to dry it before using. Additionally, do clean your loofah and showerheads every week.

Scrubbing your body harshly

Scrubbing is important as it exfoliates our skin properly. But the problem begins when we become too aggressive while doing that. It removes the skin’s natural oils, which finally leaves it itchy. Also, it’s a major trigger of rashes and several other infections. Therefore, use a cotton washcloth and go gentle as much as you can.

So, avoid all the above-mentioned mistakes and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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