5 Cool Facts about Seed Balls

Seed balls- the ultimate design to wrap seeds in mud ball to ensure germination at its best. 

How many times have we sown seeds of eaten fruits in the soil only to the disappointment of them getting eaten by birds or crushed? Before you blame yourself for not being green fingers, we found a way to plant seeds the accurate way. Seed balls ought to do the trick! With minimum supervision, these seed encased balls increase the probability of germination manifolds than just abandoning them in soil. Here are 5 reasons why making seed balls should take over gardening tactics and how it will help you breathe fresh and clean in your soothing green garden.

  1. Easy To Make-
You won’t have to worry about the knick knacks of gardening and buying a truckload of manure for making mud balls. All you require is fertile soil, clay and the seeds you want to plant. Make sure you choose seasonal seeds that match the climatic requirements. Mix equal amounts of grain and mud and seal it with a thin layer of outer clay covering. Do not make a gigantic bundle that is laborious to scatter around. The best way to ensure germination is to sprinkle them just before the monsoon hits down.
  1. Seed Balls Are Versatile-
As the shape of the ball goes, a seed ball can be tossed in places where regular seeds won’t rest. You can travel on a bus and throw them in roadside shrubs and watch them grow into trees. Seed balls of exotic plants can also be great gifts for house warming. You can make a paper packet with them and ask your friend to water it regularly to see the surprise when the plant sprouts out.
  1. They Have Been Used Since Centuries-
If you think this is a brainchild of this century, you are probably not giving your forefathers their due credit. From being used in ancient Egypt to restore cultivation after the flood to being practised in Japan recognised as- earth dumplings. From the early 20th century agriculturists incorporated the guerilla gardening tactics to rehabilitate deteriorated urban areas with seed balls.
  1. Diverse Use-
The best use of seed ball is it does not depend on any particular kind of seed. Any tiny grain that can be wrapped up can be formed into a mud ball and dropped in areas where it can nurture on its own. You can use herbal seedlings around your garden to reap useful plants that benefit your health in the long run.
  1. Gets People Involved-
Not everyone is good at gardening and has the patience to gear up with garden tools. But with seed balls, irrespective of age you can get everyone involved in this. Just prepare mud balls and keep and just before the onset of monsoon hand them to your family members to scatter them around your garden or barren grasslands. You will feel great contributing to the environment to make it greener and fresher!