5 Cringe-Worthy Trends We All Followed Just A Decade Ago

Fashion and trends keep changing and evolving each season, and to be in trend, you need to update your wardrobe accordingly. So here are some cringey trends we are all guilty of following.

You would not have uploaded a million selfies online with the caption “mah life mah rules” if you had realized that low-rise denim and shimmery lip balm would not stay in style indefinitely. Sure, it’s embarrassing, and you’d do everything to be able to go into the past and tell your younger self it was useless, but that’s just how fashion works. Something that looks practical and trendy right now may cause you embarrassment in the future. And it’s not only in the realm of clothing. Learn them all by reading on!

Wearing Skinny Jeans

Not so long ago, women were expected to have a thigh gap as part of an unstated beauty standard. Because of this, most women and girls nowadays restrict their diets and exercise less to meet arbitrary ideals of beauty. Women have been deemed more desirable the more vast the space between their legs. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and natural body acceptance is rising.

Brow Shaping

Although eyebrow fashions come and go, pencil-thin brows were popular in the early 2000s. Then they evolved into painted eyebrows that mimicked nature, and today bushy eyebrows are back in style. So as much as you don’t have to go through the pain of having your eyebrows plucked, we can deal with it.

Having Tattoos Just For Laughs

Having a little humorous tattoo was a trend for a while. The mustache knuckle tattoo was the most common and popular design back then. Tattoos remain trendy, but these days they serve more as a means of self-expression.

Covering Freckles

Freckle-based victimization is not a new phenomenon in schoolyard bullying. But now more than ever, flaunting your freckles is a fashion statement in and of itself. Makeup artists apply brushes and specialized sprays to women’s faces. In addition, makeup products that intentionally give you freckles are now commercially available.

The Smokey Eye

In terms of makeup, the smoky eye was a staple in the 2010s celebrity makeup bag. Kim Kardashian is one of the people that helped start this fad. Regular women began wearing them anytime they were out, whether on a special occasion or just for a stroll in the park.


Indrani Karmakar from Siliguri is a writer and artist. After graduating in Political science, she broadened her horizons and dived into the world of creativity. She loves adding humour and innovation to everything in and around her. When she is not working, you will find her collecting oddly shaped pebbles, doodling, crafting, and if you are really lucky- you can even catch her humming!
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