Published By: Shreya Ghai

5 diy homemade lip and cheek tints to try

Ditch your usual blush routine and give the natural makeup look a try.

Lip and cheek tint give you a pretty rosy look and a natural glow on your face. The best thing about lip and cheek tint is that it sticks to your skin throughout the day, and you don’t need a touch up. Your makeup is incomplete without these tints and it is suitable for all skin types. Your lips look naturally pink and it also provides the much needed hydration for those chapped and dry lips. We have listed 4 easy diy lip and cheek tints for you to try at home and we bet you will fall in love with its pretty glow on your face.

Pomegranate lip tint

All you need to do is extract fresh pomegranate seeds. Mix it with a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil. Store it in a small glass jar and apply it daily. This lip tint leaves its natural rich red colour on your lips and they look really gorgeous on your lips.

Beetroot tint for lips and cheeks

Beetroot tints are famous for its long lasting stay and the natural colour that it gives to your lips and cheeks. You will need beetroot powder or freshly squeezed beetroot, a portion of glycerine and water. A glass jar to store it. Add one tablespoon of water along with glycerine in a mixing bowl. Add beetroot powder or juice and mix it to form a slightly thick consistency. Transfer it into a glass jar. Refrigerate for two to three hours and it's ready to use.

Pink rose almond oil tint

Almond oil tint is one of the best tints to use especially in winters. You will need pink rose powder, almond oil, water and a small container to store it.

In a bowl mix one tbsps almond oil with water and stir it well. Add 1 tablespoon of pink rose powder and mix to form a tint like texture. You can also blend it all together to make a thick paste. Store in a container.

Hibiscus tint

Hibiscus tint is perfect for dry skin. You will need hibiscus powder, a few drops of hibiscus essential oil for a nice fragrance, shea butter, water and a glass jar to store it. Mix a tablespoon of glycerine with a tablespoon of water. Add hibiscus powder to it. Now mix, she butter about 1/4th quantity. Stir it till it forms a tint like texture. Freeze it to store.

Rosy cheeks and lips do not just define your face but also give you a refreshing look throughout the day. What’s better than these homemade diy lip and cheek tints to give yourself that naturally  rosy glow.