5 Easy Met Gala Looks You Can Recreate At Home

Are you ready to walk down the red carpet with iconic recreated Met Gala looks?

Can we get over the Met Gala looks that walked on the red carpet? Not really! Be it the ever-stylish Gaga, versatile Rihanna, really sassy Kardashians or Cardi B, each of their looks have become a sensation for fashionista fans all over the world. Wish to recreate some of the iconic looks? Here it is!

Laura Ro’s Version Of Kim Kardashian-

Kim Kardashian surprised the 2019 Met Gala with a custom Thierry Mugler. The crystal curtain silicone glue and packing tape gave her an out of lake look. The best part is, you don’t really need to recreate this look while being dry! Instead, soak yourself with water while wearing a nude bandage dress and have some crystal drops hand from it and viola! You have your Met Gala costume ready!

Rihanna’s John Galliano Look-

We loved that big headgear and white dress with a large overcoat! The unique silhouette is actually easy to make! And with what? Paper! all you need to do is get some well-pressed newspapers and stick them on your dress! So first, make the tube fitted dress, then add the cape coat and the iconic headgear, and you are ready to sweep people off Instagram!

Cardi B’s Thom Browne Look-

If you have seen this diva in red, there is no way you can go without recreating it. Get some nice red paper sheets and curl them to make the perfect replica of the Met Gala look. You can try crepe paper to give the textured paper look and make your dress look perfect even if you pose for your Instagram photo! And save some paper shavings for the gorgeous headgear!

Victoire Saint Valmont Look-

As gorgeous as this look is, you can wear it to reception and be the showstopper. The navy blue mermaid skirt with a peep thigh opening makes it the perfect outfit for the night. Like the diva, you can pair two long arm gloves and add jewellery to the rims. But, of course, the easiest way to go about it is to stick the stone jewellery along the neckline!

Janelle Monaes Christian Siriano Dress-

What comes to your mind when you hear a creative face outfit? This dress! The block pattern creating modern art as a skirt and an eye for a top deserve recreation. We love how you can easily make it at home with some leftover fabric and a black hat!

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