5 Easy Self-Care Evening Habits to Build Mindfulness

If days are to be all about tasks, to-dos, calendar check-lists, and chores, let evenings be the time when we retrace back to our mind to build more mindfulness towards healthier living.

What is mindful living?

Mindful living is a self-care ritual where we are connected with our own thoughts, being more present at the moment and acknowledging our feelings which in effect lead to better mental health.

So, when the pre-dusk purple hours slowly wane into the evening blue sky and the day gets progressively slower, instead of spending hours on that digital screen mindlessly binging shows or scrolling through a world full of conundrums, here’s a list of things that you can sneak into your evening routine to practice being more mindful.

A quick look back to look forward

Documenting self-progress daily is the simplest way to track our growth. Take a few minutes at the start of the evening to write down three things which you enjoyed working on today plus three things which you must do tomorrow. Setting the to-do list for the next morning as the work ends for the day means less anxiety to start the next day with.

Tidy the living space

Even with the risk of sounding preachy, I must admit, tidying the workspace along with the kitchen counter and the living room couch in the evening before I go on to make a nice cup of cardamom tea can actually instill a sense of calm which comes from watching a de-cluttered space with proud eyes.

There is nothing a warm bath can’t fix

It is a given which may not need any reiteration. The best way to rinse off a bad day or scrub away the most anxious thoughts is probably running a warm bath. Plus, a soothing evening routine of pampering and taking that extra care of yourself act as a therapeutic reaffirmation of self-care.

Catch up with some reading

Hear me out.

From one fidgety reader to you, I can assure that reading doesn’t necessarily mean heavy books and a long stretch of hours; it can be a good scoop of essay on the area of your liking and the important bit of news which you may have missed in the hustle of the day. A little bit of reading every day makes our mind process information in a more insightful manner and gradually cultivates better decision-making abilities.

Creative hours to de-stress

There is no ideal way to de-stress but art and simply being creative has always been a meditative way to anchor your mind away from the blue light of digital screens. Being creative doesn’t have to be something grandeur. It can be simply painting, doodling, baking, or even just coloring books with beautiful patterns. Just unplugging the mind from the noise to immerse in your own company. Over the years, it would seem more like a ritual and a great way to engage with your mind.

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