5 Easy Ways To Replace Plastic From Your Daily Life

Adapt to the alternative materials for plastic and help the earth heal naturally.

From the brush you hold in the morning to the slippers you pull out before you sleep, life without the application of plastic might seem impossible. Finding an alternative for swelling plastic waste is a crying need. To counterattack the problem, here are the alternative materials every person should adapt to bring about significant change in the environment.

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush-

The toothbrush is something dentists recommend to change after every third month. An adult human in a lifetime uses up to 340 toothbrushes alone! All the used up accumulates as trash that will take over a million years to decompose. Instead of pilling on the mountain of plastic waste that is already created, let’s switch to biodegradable alternatives like a bamboo brush! It will last up to 4 months with a full organic feel to start your day with.

  1. Glass/Steel Bottles-

Instead of depending on plastic bottles to carry around, invest on glass bottles to drink fresh and clean water. Not only are they way more gorgeous, but they also prevent the plastic residues from bottles to mix with your drinking water. If you are unsure about the bottles breaking when you carry it around, getting, a steel bottle is going to save you the trouble and be way durable and sturdy than a plastic one.

  1. Eco-Friendly Coffee Tumblers-

If you are a coffee addict, you have probably thrown a million plastic cups in the bin. That accounts for a massive mountain of plastic cups that will burn to create even more pollution. Instead of putting it in plastic, how about having a durable sleek cup made of silicon that we can clean up to maintain hygiene, and also not burn up the fingers!

  1. Reusable Plastic Bags-

Instead of depending on plastic bags to carry grocery, how about creating durable plastic carriers that can withstand heavyweight, and are reusable. The biodegradable material will easily breakdown after the discard and will not pose an unnecessary threat to the environment.

  1. Compostable Garbage Bags-

Garbage bags are no doubt helpful as they ensure leakproof disposal of garbage. However, the plastic stays intact, leaving a lot of non-biodegradable waste for the earth. To make it sustainable, use garbage bags made out of cloth and biodegradable materials that will easily breakdown after use and add to the manures of soil.

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