Published By: Rinks

5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Green Holi

Read on to learn about five green Holi celebration ideas for this year.

Holi is one of the most vibrant festivals in India. It's a festival with dazzling displays of vibrant color and a myriad of celebrations to fill the day. As a celebration of Good's triumph over evil, Holi is celebrated all over the world with vibrant colors and joyful celebrations. Having a good time is a vital component of our existence. Even while we should enjoy ourselves, we must not lose sight of the significance of our surroundings as we partake in celebrations. We have a responsibility to maintain it. Thus, let's play Holi this year without negatively impacting the planet. It will be business as usual during Holi, but with less impact on the environment than usual. Here are a few eco-friendly suggestions for having a blast at Holi without compromising on environmental protection:

Make Use Of Natural Powder Dyes

Holi is best celebrated with a game played using natural dyes. Use ingredients like turmeric, Chandan, & henna to make their own natural dyes, and let your creativity run wild when deciding which hues to mix. These dyes are nontoxic and easy to remove.

Don’t Use BallonsOr Plastic Toys

The purpose of Holi, a Hindu celebration, is to share good vibes with others. Yet, plastic bags & balloons pose a risk to both people and the environment if they burst or otherwise become dislodged from their intended locations. If we want to celebrate Holi in a safe and fun way this year, we need to stop buying plastic bags & balloons & encourage others to do the same.

Play Dry Holi

Any use of pichkaris will lead to excessive garbage, water waste, and environmental degradation. Have a drier Holi to safeguard our amazing nature from unintended and negative impacts.

Use Flower Petals To Celebrate Holi

Playing Holi with flowers is the most endearing tradition. Holi may be played in a more environmentally friendly manner by using flower petals and dressing up as Radha Krishna. Play music at your parties and even groove to your favorite holi songs. If you want to get rid of your old flowers, simply have a composed pit designed where you can pour all the waste and cover it up with mud. It will form a natural manure that is good for your garden.

Don’t Use Chemical Colors

Safe celebration of all holidays, including Holi, is always recommended. You can endanger your health and the health of the planet if you paint your surrounding with the wrong colors, including oil paints, gasoline, dirt, or other toxic products