5 effective ways to improve your sense of humour

These steps can help you in honing your comic skills.

Sense of humour is that basic ingredient that makes a person charming, funny and lively. We all wanted to be that person in a group, who is loved by all, grabs all the attention and is super fun to be around. But where some people are born this way, some need to work hard to achieve it. Because undoubtedly, making someone laugh is one of the toughest jobs in the world. But where earlier being funny was all about impressing someone else, today it can also lead you to a career option. Stand up comedy is a big thing now, and people are appreciating it from cafes to OTT platforms, it has taken the world by storm in a very short span of time. So if you’re someone who wants to make your friends laugh or want to make comedy a career option, these few tips may help you to be better at your game.

Keep your funny goggles on

You can’t really create a joke on your own all the time, to overcome that you need to find cues from the environment itself. So try to see the funny side of everything.  try to take something ordinary and make a joke out of it. There is a hidden joke behind every little event and situation you come across, you just need to find it.

Socialize and observe other funny people

For any artist, observation is the key, and it is also true in this case. Observing people will give you ideas, perspectives and give you a better sense of timing. Timing is a key to a joke, and observing other funny people or comedians cracking a joke will give you a better idea and understanding of timings.

Be witty, not silly

There is a fine line between being witty and silly, saying stupid things to make someone laugh may seem witty in the first place but overusing it might make you appear silly to others. Where silly humour can be a solid starting point for some audiences, it can lose its charm too quickly. On the other hand, beingwitty never gets old.

Know the difference between funny and mean

Be smart while making the jokes,  don’t pull any strings that may hurt somebody. Judge your audience before making fun of them, try to do a background check. A misplaced joke can turn out to be a backlash for you, so always be very careful and smart while making a joke. Make jokes about something they can easily change about themselves or you can also make self-deprecating jokes to a certain point.


Practice makes everything perfect. Like any other skill, if you want to develop a sense of humour, you need to practice it.  Comedy is all about Delivery and Timing. If your delivery and timing are not correct even the most hilarious jokes can fall flat. And the best way to work on it is by keeping practising. Practice also offers you a platform to experiment, lookout for the things that are working and keep improving them.

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