5 effective ways to increase traffic to your blog

The following practices ensure effective results in increasing traffic to your site 

From the day of the emergence of digitization, every organization and brand is trying to get a foothold in the digital space. Today the digital presence of a brand has become everything, a brand is being judged, authenticated and trusted by its image in the digital space. Thus, brands are trying hard to get all the attention in this space. One of the most tried ways has been blogging. Whether it’s a personal brand or a corporate brand, sharing ideas, opinions and experiences has always interested people and thus is a very effective way to engage viewers with your brand. But often it has seen, despite being well written, the blog didn’t draw many people. This is because blogging needs much more than just good writing. The proper placement of the proper time and place is very important to run a blog. And to make sure that you draw sufficient traffic, these are the ways to do it.

Use Keywords

Blogging requires smart writing. Unlike essays which are all about sharing your experience, blogging has another purpose to it. Through these blogs, you have to convert the mere viewers into consumers, which need a smart approach. And to make it smart, incorporate keywords into your blogs. Choose one key phrase that you believe readers would use to find that post. Then incorporate that/those keywords into the title of the post, the headline on the page, in the body at least two times, in a featured image on the page and also as part of the page link. These keyword concentration helps Google to understand what that page is about, which results in more traffic from the search engines.

Add links

Incorporating links from other companies or organizations while mentioning something about their service or product can also be beneficial for you. It will help Google to see outbound links and the company you mention may also notice your post and link back to you. It gives a higher probability of drawing the other company’s consumers towards your site. And it also helps your readers to find things they are looking for.

Promote with Social Media

After writing the blog don’t leave it to your website alone, make it available on different platforms so that more people get to know about it. Share your blogs across different social media platforms including Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. If you spend time cultivating your networks and share great content, social media sites can become one of your top traffic sources.


Collaboration is a very effective form of promotion, it is easier to incorporate and assure better results. In the case of blogging, try to offer to contribute to other blogs as a guest writer, if their readers like you, then they will visit your page. What you only need to do is to locate other blogs that reach or interest your target audience and make sure the site has a good number of visitors.

Be consistent

The key to effective blogging is being consistent. Don’t give up writing if your blog doesn’t show a good response during the initial days; rather keep on writing and try experimenting with it. It has been observed that Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content, so if you want to get more viewers from the search engines, try to update your blog at least twice a week. It will be both good for your writing and bringing the traffic.

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