5 Everyday habits that cause back pain

Simple daily habits could be the cause of your never-ending back pain.

While back pain has underlying genetic and medical causes, some lifestyle choices and everyday habits might be causing the pain to start and grow, making it a daily factor for depression and grumpiness.

Here we give you a list of five bad daily habits that could be the reason for your back issues

Unhealthy food choices

Eating unhealthy food frequently can be the reason for your back pain, as it increases inflammation that is the leading reason for pain. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains in your diet into live a pain-free life.

Sitting for a long time

The lower back disks face the most pressure when you are sitting. The disks are like a pump that releases waste and get their nutrition through the act of pumping. However, when you are sitting for a long time, the disks get squeezed and are not able to breath causing back pain. To avoid that, do some stretches or walk around at intervals.

High-heeled shoes

Wearing high heels for a long time increases the pressure on your back and makes the back muscles work overtime. If you know that you are going to be standing for a long time, wear comfortable and low-heeled shoes to protect your back. The best heels for your back are with less than 1-inch heel.

Poor posture

Years of poor posture can also be a cause of back pain, as it can put a strain on your back leading to a change in your spine’s architecture. Instead of hunching over your computer all day, sit up straight at a 90-degree angle. Choose a chair that will provide support to your lower back. Also, take a break from sitting every half an hour and do some back stretches.

Old mattress

Are you sleeping on an old mattress that is at least 10 years old? If that’s the case, it might be time to spend on a new mattress. Old mattresses do not offer back support, which leads to waking up with back pain every morning.

Change these habits to relieve yourself of back pain. However, if they do not work, visit a medical professional as you might require physical therapy to relieve your back pain.

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