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5 Exciting Things To Do In Jericoacoara

If you’d want to get a heads-up of all the activities you can sign up for while in Jericoacoara, you are at the right place! Read on to know them all!

Imagine you're in Brazil, and you've decided to visit Jericoacoara. Tourists flock to Jericoacoara every year to bask in the sun, party the night away, and take advantage of some of the world's greatest winds for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Jeri, as the locals call it, is a paradise despite the crowds and tourists. The following are our nine recommended activities in Jericoacoara.

The Sands Of Jericoacoara

As you approach the downtown area, you may see a beautiful beach. You can walk to most places in Jeri. Get up, eat, then head to the beachfront for the day to enjoy the rays, the tunes, and the drink. Round the street and visit Praia Malhada to witness a less busy beach with far more rock formations.

Try Out Local Food

The fish is exceptionally fresh because of the location near the seaside. Take a vehicle towards the Lagoa de Guri if you're free (or kitesurf there). Huge structures adorned with palm fronds and other dried vegetation may be seen around the area. There's a man named D.U. working at the biggest one. Every day he goes fishing, and when he returns home he prepares the fish he catches with limes, peas, and rice. You can't go wrong if you invite this man out to dinner. Be sure to look him up!

Watch The Sunset

Avoid the Pedra Furada stroll by using a car. By 5 o'clock every day, the whole beach crowd makes their way up Sunset Dune in time to witness the sunset at 5:30. On there, the wind may get fierce, but it's typically quiet. Jeri's proximity to the equator means that, in addition to the usual array of purples, pinks, and colors such as red, oranges, and yellows, the sky often exhibits magnificent green hues. The scenery is stunning, and the people are friendly.

Visit Lagoa de Paraso

You may spend a fantastic day in Paradise Lagoon. Trucks and buggies are available to transport you there. It's a vast lagoon where the bluest of the blues may be seen in the water. Alchymist Beach Club, however, is a popular destination for many tour guides. We advise you to visit the lake's more tranquil nooks and crannies. The entrance fee to this club is R$20, and there is a full-service restaurant on-site. In addition to being prohibitively pricey, it is also incredibly congested. So few people ever get to see the rest of the lagoon. Indeed, that's what we recommend. You won't believe how big Paradise Lagoon is! See the area's less-visited attractions to get a more authentic feel for its beauty.

Visit The Church

It makes no difference if you subscribe to any particular faith. This church was built entirely out of stone, and it is stunning. Pronouncing the name of this church, which goes by several different names (including "Igreja de Jericoacoara," "Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima," and "Igreja Nossa Senhora da Consalaço"), is more challenging than actually going there. It's only a three-minute stroll away from the main square and well worth it. You'll probably walk right by it on your route to a samba forró dance celebration.