5 exotic waterfalls to visit in Goa

The waterfalls in Goa are filled with nature’s sheer elegance.

Whenever we think about planning a trip to Goa, the gorgeous beaches packed with crazy parties and adventure sports strike in our mind. But this splendid state is certainly not limited here, as it also offers majestic mountains, wild tropical forests, charming rivers and obviously the enchanting waterfalls. Goa is abode to a number of wonderful waterfalls surrounded by rocks, greenery and sanctuaries which literally transcend the visitors into its own captivating world. So, if you’re wondering which ones to visit on a tight schedule, read on the following list.

Dudhsagar Falls: Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls not only in Goa, but also in the entire India. This is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Goa – Karnataka border. It originates from the Mandovi River and the foamy waters falling from an average height of 130 meters look like a sea of milk, justifying its name Dudhsagar. This is a must visit destination with pristine cool water, surrounding green forests and adventure activities. For best experience, visit this fall during monsoon.

Kesarval Falls: Also referred to as Kesarval Spring, this is a spectacular waterfall located on the southern banks of Zuari River. Kesarval literally means “eagles”; the fall got such name as the surrounding forests once served as the home of eagle birds. Its waters possess medicinal properties which provide numerous health benefits. The entire site with cool breeze, lush greenery and cascading waters appears absolutely magical, especially during monsoon.

Netravali Falls: Netravali Waterfalls is another gorgeous waterfall located inside the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. After entering the sanctuary, one needs to go through long trek to reach the waterfall. Spreading over an area of 211 square km, it comprises of two falls Savari and Mainapi. Both the falls are truly worth visiting, offering spectacular views as well as thrilling ambience. Also, there are pools where one can swim for hours and get lost amidst the laps of nature.

Kuskem Falls: Kuskem waterfall is relatively unexplored, but offers an exceptionally gorgeous panoramic view that leaves all the visitors awestruck. Located at Canacona district in South Goa, this waterfall requires a hike through thick jungles to visit. The crystal-clear waters falling through the greenery offer natural shower to the visitors. Monsoon is the best season to visit this waterfall.

Harvalem Falls: Located at Sanquelim town in North Goa, Harvalem waterfall serves as a popular picnic spot for both the local residents and tourists. It attracts people with its waters falling through mountains, dense green forests, charming surrounding landscapes and more. Also, the nearby Rudreshwar temple is another highlight of this site. For better experience, visit this fall during October – December.

Tambadi Surla, Hivre, Bamanbudo, Sada, Karmalya etc. are some other waterfalls to visit in Goa.

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