5 Feng shui tips for a positive chi in your home

Incorporate feng shui in your home for a better energy flow.

The endgame to Feng shui is to foster positive energy flow for balance and happiness in your life. Decluttering spaces is the first step to creating a vibe you like. This ancient Chinese practice have been in place for generations which aids to upping the spiritual vibe of your home. With feng shui, positive chi can be achieved right in your home.

Tips for incorporating feng shui –

  1. Add vertical items:

Imagine having a vertical bookshelf in your living space. Integrating vertical shapes in your space gives off the presence of expansion and growth. You can have a tall, metal lamp with light travelling upwards. The light is more spread which gives off a feeling of vastness.

  1. Add greens to your home:

Adding greens to your plate and plants around the house will never let you down. You will be physically and mentally vibrant. Plants in themselves create a force of life. Having an orange tree on your balcony will add a dash of colour and create a feeling of abundance. Or an orchid plant in the living room. If you are a fan of ferns, by all means, place them on all corners of the room. The more greens, the better.

  1. Know the door:

Or as feng shui calls it: commanding position. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen or your workspace, make sure your back is not towards the door. No matter the room you’re in, the door should be in “kitty corner” or directly in the line of your sight. The commanding position can receive the most positive chi.

  1. Declutter and clean:

In feng shui, clutter will devour the positive chi that’s coming your way. The first step for positive energy is to clear out everything that is not required. Even if you can’t throw things out, organize them in simple storage. Give the windows a wipe, clear the dust off from the table every day. Let the positivity flow.

  1. Add metal to the décor:

Metal gives a sense of purpose and gives our thoughts a direction. Bring in metal items in your spaces -like a metal wall clock, or metal bowls or metal lights, if you can afford, a sculpture. Make sure you place them in the bagua areas of west, northwest and north.


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