5 Films That Any Science Enthusiast Must Watch

Do you look up at the night sky in silence and simply wonder about what’s out there?

Or get excited at the discovery of something new?If you do, these are the 5 films which you mustn’t miss for the world.

Hidden Figures

A beautifully produced and directed movie about one of the greatest women in the history of space science and exploration. You have the maths – but can you see it? As the title suggests with this theme the movie builds up to portray the struggles and achievements of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson who aided NASA through several space missions till they were able to put a man on the moon and even beyond that.

The Theory of Everything

The biopic of the man who wrote the bestseller “A Brief History of Time”, is an Oscar winning movie which takes us through the romanticisms of physics, frightful nature of time, the struggles of ALS and the story of a person who smiled through it all. The theory of everything is a movie like no other, just like the theory it’s named after, one single theory that can explain all there is – the unending pursuit of humanity clinging on nothing but hope and some rigorous maths.


“Are we alone in the universe?” a small child kept asking as she stared at the vastness of space. Till one day, she received a reply!

A beautiful symphony of love, loss and the sheer joy of discovery – the fear of the new and the thrill of being able to make the first contact. This 20th century sci-fi will pull at the heart-strings of all who dream of what’s out there in that great space of darkness.


“Do not go gentle into that good night”. These words reverberate and linger on one’s mind long after the film ends and the credits are over. Earth is dying and so are the humans, but – “Humans were born on earth but they were never meant to die here.” So where do we go? Near Saturn there is this place and something’s wrong with gravity. A new chance to newer worlds and the cost – time. This movie is Nolan’s ingenuity at its best.

Suspect X

Which is more difficult – to design an unsolvable puzzle; or to solve one? A murder – and a string of puzzles. A riddling thriller that’ll keep you glued to your seats as Detective Galileo, Manabu Yukawa goes on a race against his best friend Tetsuya Ishigami, as one tries to unravel a mystery and the other orchestrates the grandest perfect crime you will ever get to see. Will maths create an unsolvable problem, or will physics find a way around? Give it a watch to find out.

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