5 Fish Bowl Recycling Ideas

Get the creative cap out and turn the unused fishbowls into these gorgeous pieces of crafts.

We all know the challenges of keeping a fishbowl at home. The regular water changing, making sure of no algae accumulation, and keeping the fish to stay healthy is something no busy person can maintain at their home. What remains is an empty fishbowl stocked on top of an unused shelf collecting dust. Wish there was some way you could make use of the bowl without endangering the life of a fish? Here are some innovative ideas with fishbowl that will bring out the artist in you!

  1. DIY Terrarium Bowl-

Why have fishes captivated in them when you can turn it into a gorgeous showpiece. All you need is some miniature toy models and sand. Pour some sand to make the base of the terrain and stick rocks to the bottom. Place a magnificent animal like the reindeer, add some touch up’s if possible and viola! You have an excellent showpiece to decorate your shelf with.

  1. Candy Dispenser Bowl-

What could be more useful than filling the bowl with candies to store! Put a sticker of Jack o lantern eyes and smile and fill it with orange candies. You can turn it over on a box and have a handmade dispenser to take treats from! The best container to decorate the sweets for Halloween indeed.

  1. Decorative Centrepiece Bowl-

The transparent glass bowls are perfect for keeping the decoration materials. Put a glittery ribbon with lacy endings and bells at the rim and have the golden fillings to sit at the base of it. You can add sweet-smelling essence to be the perfect decoration for the centre table.

  1. Candleholder Bowl-

If you have a good collection of scented candles and are looking for the perfect stand to place them on, try using the fishbowl for it! You will be surprised to see the beautiful effect it creates while lit in the evening.

  1. The DIY Snow Globe-

What could be a better gift than making your own snowglobe! Put in the elements you want, like an adorable snowman model, some Christmas trees and fill the bowl with a handful of glitter. Put glycerine in the bowl and seal it from the opening with a lid made of hardwood. Shake it well and see the snowflakes rotating through the globe.

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