5 Fun Games to Play With Your Toddler

Engage your little ones in these fun games to help them grow and learn without making it tedious.

The only two instances that give you shorter days are winters and having a toddler at home! Playing around with your little one sure consumes a significant part of your day, and to top it all, every second is worth it. You must have tried about every trick in the book to keep them engaged till now and as intelligent as kids are, then run out of interest with the same game and toys and need to be introduced to the new exciting stuff. You can leave the thinking caps to us for here are the coolest games to play with them that will help them learn and grow and all in fun playtime!

  1. Simon Says-

The classic game is all you need to teach your kids to follow orders. You can play it in a group or one to one with the kid. The rules are simple, one of you plays Simon and says simple things like- Simon says, followed by any activity. It can be- Simon says touch your toes, and the little one or the group has to follow. Once the kids get the hang of it, they learn a lot through the simple game.

  1. Hot And Cold-

The forever favourite hot and cold is what you can play with their pet toys. Hide a small object like a box or toy and then let them find it in the room. If they are going near seeing it, say hot, if they move farther from it, it’s cold.

  1. One For You, One For Me-

This game is perfect to be played with a bunch of kids. Hand out some goodies in bulk, like crayons or toffees and let them pick out each for themselves and give the other to the other saying-one for you, one for me.

  1. Hokey Pokey-

Hokey pokey is a little rhyme that teaches kids about directions and their hands and legs. It acknowledges their left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot and so on. The tune is catchy, and soon enough the little ones know which is left and which is right.

  1. Parachute-

Ideal for playing in schools, all you need is a big sheet to be held by the kids in the corners. The kids can say up and lift the sheet, the kids can say down and put it low, once they say under, they need to get under the sheet. This helps them develop their motor skills at best.

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