5 Funniest Books that will Make You Go LOL

Cuddling up with a funny book in the coziest corner of your home is what we all enjoy once in a while. Scroll down to catch a glimpse of some of the funniest books that we read in years.

Funny books are no doubt replete with humour that makes you chuckle every time you flip a page. In these fast-paced, crazy and stressful times, these books are real-stress busters that can give you a hearty laugh with their biting satire and hilarious prose. Here are our top picks-

The Sellout                                                                                                                  

The Sellout by Paul Beatty is a highly-acclaimed book that has won several awards, including the coveted Man Booker Prize. This novel is a supreme example of wry and offbeat humour that often leaves you in splits. This one is a satirical masterpiece that brings out humour even in the most serious of conditions. It can truly be considered to be the funniest American novel in years.


Subtitled “True Stories from Painful Beaches,” the Vacationland by John Hodgman is a classic example of dry and self-deprecating humour. This lowkey travelogue chronicles masculinity, middle-age and privilege with a deadpan wit and blunt insight. Sharp, sensitive and silly at the same time, Vacationland is almost like a literary selfie of a concerned American storyteller.

Just the Funny Parts

Sneaking into the Hollywood boys’ club, Just the Funny Parts is a funny memoir by Nell Scovell. The book reveals the inner workings of this film industry where she would often find herself to be to the only woman in a group of men. In a strong voice, Nell’s book is a wise and hilarious take on gender workings in Hollywood.

Weird, But Normal: Essays

Perfect for the weirdo in most of us, this collection of essays by Mia Mercado is a refreshing take on everyday human foibles that are recast as hilarious and harrowing. Her sharp and critical insight on gender and identity intertwines with her intelligent wit to reveal honest observations about modern day absurdities.

Me Talk Pretty One Day

This bestselling collection by famed humorist Davis Sedaris collects stories from both home and abroad. With pithy one-liners and witty comic timing, the author shares funny anecdotes about his family and life. It will particularly interest anyone looking to have a good laugh and all those who enjoy classic sarcasm.

Literature has been a window to the life and times of the ones penning them down. Add to it wit, sarcasm and dollops of humour to arrive at a masterpiece that will make you pause, reflect and grin in succession.

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