5 Greatest Performances By Anthony Hopkins

With a career for over 50 years and with more than 125 awards in his name, Anthony Hopkins has given us some of the most memorable performances.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the best actors Hollywood has ever produced. You give him any role and he would fit just right into it. Be it the dreadful Hannibal Lecter or be it Hitler, Anthony Hopkins is one versatile actor. Here are 5 of the greatest performances of the actor that prove that we can never have enough of him.

The Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal murderer is till date the finest and most extraordinary role played by Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins’ performance in this role is so understated but intense that it would immediately send a chill down your spine. Despite having a screen time for only 16 minutes, this performance even earned him an Oscar.


Magic is the film that truly put Anthony Hopkins on the map. Anthony Hopkins plays a magician in this film struggling to make it big in his career. However, his career takes a wild turn when he becomes a ventriloquist with a foul mouthed puppet called Fats. What follows is a shocking state of events as Hopkins’ character begins to lose his mind after being psychologically connected with the puppet.


Anthony Hopkins’ performance as President Nixon in this film is as realistic as it can get. He hold up the strengths and weaknesses of the character to the t and you cannot help but feel a little sympathy for the character. He gives life to the pain, paranoia and inner conflicts of Richard Nixon as you see him fitting right into the former President’s shoes.

The Elephant Man

Anthony Hopkins and David Lynch together create this masterpiece that highlights the rough edges of humanity. Hopkins plays the kind doctor who saves a demented, deformed and abused circus freak in this first of David Lynch’s studio films. Anthony Hopkins is of course excellent although somewhat overshadowed by the protagonist.

The Bunker

Anthony Hopkins is not the one to shy away from tough roles and he definitely did not shy away from playing Hitler. His performance as Hitler is uncannily realistic, so much that it immediately calls for attention. Hopkins’ holds up the final days of Hitler, almost a mad man, cornered away into his bunker.

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