5 Habits That Improve Your Eyesight

Worried about tender, sore eyes as a result of squinting over the screen all day? Here are simple habits you can inculcate in your routine to get your eyesight sharp again.

There is no use lamenting that the modern lifestyle dragged us into forever squinting our eyes over a laptop screen as it is a necessity of the times we live in. The age group of people having optical defects has drastically increased over time. Not to mention the dust, pollution and allergies that are evolving with time. But finding the solution to the recurring eyesight problem is not rocket science either. Here are simple ways you can protect your eyesight even in a busy routine.

  1. Add Vitamins And Minerals In Your Diet-

Essential vitamins like A, C, E and minerals like zinc are rich in antioxidants. They help you fight macular degeneration, a condition through which your vision is impaired. The foods to include in your diet are- omega-3 rich food, fatty acid, flaxseed, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, red pepper, citrus fruits, spinach and strawberries.

  1. Follow The 20-20 Rule-

Your eyes are one of the most worked up organs throughout your day, and straining them without rest can cause more damage than you assume. To ease up your eye muscles, in every 20 minutes take a short break and look at something green at a distance. The colour green, mostly foliage has the property to soothe your eyes and rejuvenate itself.

  1. Wear Protective Glasses-

In today’s lifestyle, it’s rare to see anyone without glasses, and its not without a reason. You might have good eyesight with no dire need of power lenses, but guarding your sensitive and useful organ with doctor certified glasses is a good habit. It shields you from dust particles, accidents, and even exposure to bright screens. You might want to wear shielding dark glasses out in the sun for they protect you from UV rays and block your eyes from blaring light.

  1. Remember The Carotenoids-

Few other nutrients vital for eyes are lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids found in the retina. Green leafy vegetables are home to these minerals. You can also take supplements that protect the eyes from absorbing UV and blue light.

  1. Staying Fit-

It might seem absurd how staying slim can keep your eye healthy, but research proves that keeping yourself fitcan keep ailments like type 2 diabetes at bay, which directly affect your eyes. Patients who are highly obese are seen to damage blood vessels in their eyes due to excess body weight. Other than these, diabetic retinopathy makes bloodstreams to burst and causes blood leak, harming your vision. Keeping your blood sugar levels checked and staying fit can keep away many complicated ailments away from you.

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