5 headlines that make Indians go Crazy!

Once Martin Luther King said, “To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim”. Indians know to live life king size. Life here can be tough, stressful and chaotic, yet when we read the following headlines, we go insane.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Bargaining at a store or asking for a discount is kind of our birthright. We live in a paradise for shopaholics with endless possibilities to get a quality product at a pocket-friendly price. Shopkeepers and retailers also take advantage by offering various deals to attract customers. We tend to ask for offers even at Target.

India lifts the World Cup.

Cricket is considered to be the most loved sport in India. On the days of World Cup finals or T-20 finals, Indians sat patiently to see Team India lift the World Cup. The celebration was grand. People went on bursting crackers to banging thalis celebrating that day. Be it Kapil Dev or MS Dhoni, the whole country stood up to celebrate their victory.

Free Internet.

According to a certain report, India stands second on the list of users surfing the internet. This behaviour of Indians helped the telecom companies to launch a limited period offer of

free internet and attract the maximum number of customers. This strategy helped quite well as the plan included unlimited calling, which not only targeted the youths but also a greater number of the population.

Unlimited Buffet.

India is a paradise for food lovers. Travelling from one end to another, you will find a variety of lip-smacking foods and it is tastier when the quantity of food is unlimited. Restaurants offering a heavy discount or great offers tend to see more crowd than ever. We Indians can stand in a queue for hours to enjoy good food at a reasonable price.

Stand Up Comedy Shows.

Laughter is the best medicine and hence, stand up comedy shows are much appreciated in today’s life. In the long run of a 9*5 job and hectic schedule, we all somewhat forget to laugh out loud. Comedians discuss daily life’s problem in such a way that we forget about everything and start laughing at it. Be it Zakir Khan giving us a pick-up line or Atul Khatri, describing his family trips are hilarious. We keep on asking for dates of the shows nearby to attend it.

We are a land of simple yet sophisticated people who gets excited at the slightest banner. Know of the other banners that make Indians go crazy?

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