5 Health benefits of green coffee

Ever heard of green coffee? We give you some of its health benefits.

Raw and unroasted coffee beans are called green coffee. While green coffee’s extract is used in dietary supplements, the beans can be bought as a whole and brewed like a regular cup of roasted coffee. However, a mug of this drink does not taste like normal roasted coffee. It has a milder tone and resembles herbal tea more than coffee.

It has gained popularity in the health and wellness community owing to its rich supply of health-promoting compounds. Here, we explore some of the health benefits of this drink.

Weight loss

Research has shown that green coffee extract helps fight obesity, as it lowers the accumulation of body fat. The research showed that obese adults who consumed green tea extract 5 times a day lost 2.7 kgs in approximately 4 to 12 weeks as compared to normal roasted coffee extracts. The drink also controls unnecessary food cravings and stops you from overeating during meals.

Treats high blood pressure

Green tea can help in regulating blood pressure levels, according to a study. The chlorogenic acid in green tea reduces the formation of active cortisol, a hormone associated with increased blood pressure levels. Furthermore, the drink also improves arterial elasticity that helps lower blood pressure.

An aid for diabetes treatment

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is said to also affect the blood glucose levels with studies showing that decaffeinated coffee with high chlorogenic acid content reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%. The acid also helps with the stimulation of insulin secretion that is a potential anti-diabetic agent.

A natural detox

Green coffee is said to be a natural detoxifying agent that cleanses the liver. It makes the liver free of bad cholesterols, unnecessary fats and toxins that reduce the risk of liver diseases.

High in antioxidants

Green coffee is high in antioxidants that reduce the negative effects of free radicals in the body.

There is no exact figure on how much green coffee should be consumed every day since the amount depends on age, health and other factors. While regular consumption will be beneficial for your body, increased green coffee intake can lead to various side effects. We recommend contacting your doctor to determine the ideal green coffee intake for yourself.

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