5 Herbal Plants to Grow In Your Kitchen Garden

Renowned for their healing and therapeutic properties, here are five herbal plants that should grace every kitchen garden.

The plant kingdom is a treasure trove of essential healing. Long before we took the aid of prescribed antibiotics, herbs have been the soul components to bank upon for curing. Most of our contemporary drugs are obtained from plant extracts, and the knowledge of their remedial attributes will urge you to plant them for yourself.  Here is a list of 5 medicinal plants that are easy to grow and boost your immunity in the most effective way.


What tops our list is the ‘king of herbs’ basil. This easy to grow plant will demand nothing more than a well-drained pot, abundant sunlight and regular watering. The basil leaves contain antioxidants that are ideal for reducing stress and boosting your immunity. Brewing a few leaves with your tea can improve your liver, heart, and eyesight collectively. Also used for garnishing and flavoring, this herb is an asset to your kitchen garden.

Aloe Vera-

Ideal for those who forget to water plants regularly, aloe Vera will never complain! This desert plant with anti-inflammatory attributes is comforting to the skin against dermatitis and heat. All you need is well-drained soil and ample sunlight to make the tiny leaves grow into monstrous tentacles that can be used as a soothing face mask every day.


An aggressive grower that can usurp your whole garden is mint. All you need is a moist stretch of terrain soaked in sunlight. A best friend to your digestive track, this herb will keep all the gastric troubles away. Boiling a few stalks of mint can give you the ideal beverage to take away all the tiredness of a busy day.


Another popular option to go for is parsley. The highly nutritious and rich in vitamins leaves are ideal for garnishing. Perfect for growing in a temperate climate, this anti-bacterial plant will improve your bone density, kidney and overall health. Be it garnishing soup or being cut into a salad, the mild flavor of parsley leaves tastes good on your tongue and brings you wellness.


If you are worried about not being a gardener by hobby, this should be your ideal herb to grow. Peppermint develops in confined pots and would require nothing more than sunlight and moist soil. It can be trimmed to 1 inch above the ground to harvest from it later. Be it menstrual cramp, anxiety, bloating or digestive infirmity, these leaves are a blessing to encounter them. The mild taste goes perfectly to flavor your tea and also serves as a natural air freshener.

Perfect for being planted in tiny pots, these herbs offer more than it takes to nurture them. So are we ready to make the most of our little garden soil and have the green reaps lead us to a natural lifestyle?

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