5 islands near Bangkok that every traveler must visit

Located at a near distance from Bangkok, these magnificent islands also deserve to be on your bucket list.

If you are in Bangkok and get bored in the chaotic city life, you can definitely take a boat trip and visit its nearby Islands. With magnificent sandy beaches, majestic greenery and adventure activities, these islands will surely provide you an escape from the materialistic world and fill your heart with a lot of joy.

Koh Larn: Koh Larn or Coral Island seems like a paradise with its white-sand beaches, blue water, lush green forests, gorgeous sunsets and colourful corals. Out of all the six beaches, Tien and Samae are the most attractive beaches in this island. It remains relatively less crowded and is known for its quiet ambience. While swimming and snorkeling are the must-do activities in Koh Larn, you can also enjoy its various adventure sports such as jet ski, hiking etc.

Koh Samet: Named after the Samet trees, Koh Samet is a popular party spot among the young Thai people. This charming island has a number of beaches which look absolutely gorgeous with their clear blue waters, white sands and green forests. While the eastern side beaches remain very crowded and are known for their crazy nightlife, the beaches on the western side attract people who love calm and peaceful ambience.

Koh Si Chang: Koh Si Chang is a relatively unexplored yet spectacular island near Bangkok. While it is mostly famous for its quiet beaches, pristine waters and gorgeous sunsets; the palm trees, narrow roads and rustic vibes also enhance its charm. It has a number of pagodas and temples where you can experience the rich art and culture of Thailand. Also, you can enjoy the fresh seafood at the local restaurants and enjoy the activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, fishing etc.

Koh Kham: A place where you can get away from all your worries and enjoy nature to the fullest, Koh Kham is definitely a must visit island near Bangkok. There’s a base for the Royal Thai Navy to protect the natural marine wildlife. With white-sand beaches, underwater world, beautiful corals and cool breeze, the island is truly mesmerizing. As you can’t stay here overnight, try to visit this place in early morning.

Koh Kut: Another charming island near Bangkok, Koh Kut is home to some incredible beaches and hypnotic forests. As the place remains less crowded and pollution free throughout the year, you can enjoy a lot of me-time in Koh Kut. With blue seawater, beautiful palm trees and majestic sunsets, Koh Kut literally acts as a breath of fresh air for its visitors. Here, you can engage in various activities like snorkeling, kayaking, fishing etc.

So, next time you plan a trip to Bangkok, remember not to miss these amazing Islands.

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