Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 Lessons that you learn from blogging

From being a habit to a profession, blogging can make you learn many things in life. 

Blogging is like meditation, and it helps you clear your thoughts and refresh your mind. Today, blogging is both art and business and helps you learn many things about work and life. From writing down personal experiences to writing for a product or service, blogging has taken up different forms depending upon its other purposes, including informative and persuasive. But its basics remain the same and teach us some of the important lessons of our life. Here such five lessons that you will learn from writing blogs.

What you feel does matter.

Sometimes in our life, we are afraid to share our feelings and thoughts with others thinking they will not understand and it is of no importance to them. But blogging could change your perspective. Blogging is all about expressing oneself, and it might be you or an organisation; it is all about what you think and your perspective. But unless you put it out for the world, you will never realise that so many people believe in the same thing as you do and share a similar experience. It helps you to connect and validates your thoughts and imaginations.

Bad experiences are good lessons and certainly a great story.

We all go through bad phases in life, but we all somehow overcome that in the end. It initially makes us feel low and disheartened; only after overcoming it realise how necessary it was for our growth. And blogs made it even more noticeable to us. While writing, we recognise how these bad experiences have shaped us and contributed to our growth. Often, the most embarrassing stories turn out to be the most interesting and help us deliver the most engaging blogs.

Buy experiences and not things.

While writing a blog, people realise the importance of memories and experiences. It just not only provides us with different ideas but also develops a storytelling sense in us. Blogging teaches us to focus more on the people and experiences rather than the materialistic pleasures in life.

Diversity is important.

Whether it is in people or experiences, diversity is very much important in life. Writing a blog is all about coming up with new ideas and perspectives, and if you don't have a diversified experience, it isn't very easy to generate unique fresh ideas. So it is essential to have different experiences and to meet different people.

Relationships are important

Blogging teaches us a lot about relationships, whether it is with fellow bloggers or with people you meet eventually in life who had an impact on your life. Moreover, it teaches us how meaningful these relationships are in shaping our experience and forming our thoughts.