5 Life Lessons from Emmy Winning Schitt’s Creek: The Cult Comedy Show That Won Us over

Schitt’s Creek has established itself as the cult classic sit-com, the most therapeutic watch of this decade, bagging 7 Emmys and millions of hearts around the globe. Here’s what Schitt’s Creek teaches you about life and why it is the best thing that has happened to us in 2020.

The beginning of Schitt’s Creek was quite humble. The title was off-putting, a riches to rags storyline of the Rose family, a slow build-up without the slightest hint of grandeur leading to rejections by most big-budget production houses.

But as writer-director Daniel Levy points out, all good things take time in blooming, and boy did the show cause a storm worldwide six seasons later! The final season of the show has swept the Emmys bagging seven category wins and we can attest that Schitt’s Creek deserves every bit of it for all the beautiful portrayal it adds to the comedy culture.

Here’s why…

Labels aren’t important, love is

David’s famous line, I like the wine, not the label. In David Rose’s world, love is love. Schitt’s Creek shows us a world of inclusivity, acceptance, and free of labels. Here, everyone is empathetic and welcoming. Unrealistic? More like, a world that we dream to live in.

Building a meaningful life where you least expect it

Life throws curve balls and sometimes that means, settling in a town in the middle of nowhere, losing an empire, and starting anew. Was it easy for the Rose family? Absolutely not! But, as Johnny Rose says, you miss 100% of tapes that you don’t watch. Take that chance in life.

Direct Communication with empathy is key

Roses were probably considered to be the least empathetic people when they started in the show. But as they navigated through the worst of turns of life and became the nuanced, three-dimensional characters, it showed us, being empathetic doesn’t cost a dime but even the smallest act of kindness makes all the difference in building beautiful and long-lasting relationships.

Stop worrying about what people think

David stressing over his driving license test and Alexis teaching him a life lesson was such an iconic moment. Nobody’s watching you closely except you. So make those mistakes and try that thing that terrifies you.

Trust people who show up for you

Showing up for the people we love, the smallest of gestures can mean so much. From Moira showing up for Alexis in her graduation to Patrick pushing David out of his comfort zone, Schitt’s Creek shows the simplest and intricate lessons on love.

It is what it is yet it is what you make of it.

Ultimately, Schitt’s Creek is our chrysanthemum of hope, low-key therapy, and a gift for 2020 where the most optimistic people can run out of silver linings. The final lesson? In between Moira’s I’d kill for a good coma right now and we have done the best that we could, life happens. Might as well, embrace it?

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