Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 life lessons to learn from TVF's Kota factory

More than a web series, Kota Factory is an emotion.

The Viral Fever, aka TVF, is known for its groundbreaking stories and realistic approach. Whether it is Pitcher, Tripling, Aspirants, or one of its most successful web series Kota Factory, TVF has always managed to entertain and educate its viewers through some of the most substantial and relatable stories. Kota factory is one of the finest examples of TVF's works and has been able to portray such emotions on-screen, which almost every youngster in India face. Though it never fails to entertain its viewers with hard laughs and mind-blowing concepts, it also teaches its viewers some of the biggest lessons of life. Here are five life lessons that Kota Factory has managed to teach us.

Rejections are not permanent and shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals.

One of the most significant pieces of advice that you can receive from Kota Factory is that rejection is not permanent. The lead character Vaibhav faced much hardship in finding his way. He didn't get accepted in Maheshwari, but that didn't stop him from trying. He looked at the bigger picture and his dream of getting into IIT, and he only focused on that.

Everyone needs a mentor.

In the sea of teachers, it is essential to find a mentor. Mentors are not only teachers who teach a subject but guide your life. It can be anyone, your teacher, parent, friend, anyone who gives you a direction and helps you become your best and achieve the biggest. The series Kota Factory also revolves around a relationship between Jeetu bhaiya and his students. Jeetu Bhaiya is someone whom with every student shares their problem with. So students hope to get a solution for their solution unlike any other teacher in Kota.

You can't win a battle alone.

Although our career and life are supposed to be only our battle, they can't be won without support from your family, friends, peers, etc. Any successful man/woman wouldn't have been there if people in their life had not supported them. Similarly, in Vaibhav's journey also his friends, Jeetu bhaiya, his parents all helped him. If they wouldn't have done that, whatever he had accomplished wouldn't be there.

You are not perfect

 Most of us become idealistic when chasing a dream; we want the best and be perfect without any deformations. But as a human being, it is not possible. We will have our weaknesses and strength, and frankly, the weakness never goes away; we just become better at managing it. So aiming to be perfect at everything is futile; there will be things you will be bad at, and it is okay.  Even after being given a try, if it doesn't change, don't waste your time on it; instead, focus more on honing your strength; otherwise, it will affect your performance. In Kota Factory, Jeetu Bhaiya gave this advice to Vaibhav when he couldn't do good in inorganic ever after trying several times.

Sacrifice and Compromise are part and parcel of success.

In Kota Factory, Vaibhav had to leave his family, friends, mentors, everyone for his dream. Although it shouldn't be like that, you deliberately do that for success, but in life, decisions won't be easy, and you would be asked to choose one over the other. In life, we have to make many such compromises and sacrifices for our brighter future.