5 Major Tourist Attractions in Idukki, Kerala

Idukki is widely renowned for eco-tourism.

It’s bestowed with the unspoiled splendor of nature, offering rejuvenation to all kinds of tourists.

There are several attractions in and around Idukki that are worth a visit.

Idukki is a magnificent hill station located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It’s covered with dense forests, providing shelter to an excellent range of flora and fauna. Also, it’s home to several cascading rivers which are known for dams and hydroelectric power plants.

However, Idukki is most famous for being home to the highest peak in South India. It also has majestic waterfalls, tea & rubber plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. The entire region remains secluded all year round, offering you the much-needed escape from the chaos of city life. Without further ado, let’s get a look at the five best attractions here.

Hill View Park offers a picturesque landscape

Hill View Park is located at a distance of about 1 km from the Idukki City Center. It’s a well-maintained park, spreading over a land of 8 acres. The entire area is packed with flowers, crotons, medicinal plants, and more. It also has a herbal garden, a children’s park, and a natural water body. Moreover, it offers a breathtaking view of the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams.

Anakkara is a quintessential small village

Anakkara is a heavenly village located at a distance of about 18 Kilometers from Thekkady wildlife sanctuary on the Kumily-Munnar state highway, Idukki. It covers 50 sq. km. of land and is home to numerous spice plantations. It also has several picnic spots, waterfalls, parks, etc. The must-visit attractions here are Chellarkovil, Ottakathalamedu, Aruvikuzhi Falls, etc.

Idukki Arch Dam is Asia’s first and world’s second arch dam

Idukki Arch Dam is situated at a height of 554 ft above sea level, between the two mountains Kuravanmala and Kurathimala. It supports a 780 MW hydroelectric power station and is owned by the Kerala State Electricity Board. It offers a breathtakingly beautiful view of the natural surroundings that leaves all visitors in a trance.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls provides an abundance of fresh air

Thommankuthu Waterfalls is named after the tribal leader Thoman who got mesmerized seeing the elegance of this site. It’s a seven-step cascading waterfall located amidst lush greenery, at a height of 1500m above sea level. It requires a hike of 12 km through dense forests to reach the waterfall. The view from up there is jaw-dropping, making it an amazing place for photography.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over 77 of land

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts. It lies on the forested land between the Periyar and Cheruthoni rivers and is widely renowned for its biodiversity. It’s home to many species of animals, including the famous Elephants of Kerala. It also has an incredible range of plant species, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in India.

Besides these, you can also visit Ilaveezha Poonchira, Ramakkalmedu, Periyar National Park, etc.

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