5 Major Tourist Attractions in Kollam, Kerala

Kollam seems like a slice of heaven on earth, offering something for every kind of traveler.

It boasts a multitude of tourist attractions, most of which are worth a visit.

Also, it hosts several festivities throughout the year.

Kollam – a highly sought-after destination in the South Indian state of Kerala – was a trade center of spices and cashews for the Arabs, Romans, British,Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese traders centuries ago. Now, it’s recognized as a must-visit place for anyone who feels peace in the laps of nature.

Kollam is blessed with nature’s unspoiled grandeur. It has everything that you need to fuel yourself up! The list includes beaches, mountains, backwaters, rivers, vast green meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and more. Also, it offers an amazing opportunity to explore the rustic elegance of Kerala, the “God’s Own Country”.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the five not-to-miss attractions here.

Kollam Beach is packed with lush greenery

Kollam Beach is voted the first “Beach Wedding Destination” in Kerala. Also called Mahatma Gandhi Beach, it looks no less than a paradise for beach lovers. It remains packed with golden sands, pristine backwaters, and lush green plantations. It also has a lighthouse called the Tangasseri Lighthouse that offers spectacular views of the horizon.

Palaruvi Waterfalls is an excellent picnic spot

Palaruvi (which literally translates into “Stream of Milk”) is a breathtaking waterfall descending from the height of 300ft above sea level. It’s nestled amidst lush greenery, offering a splendid view to the visitors. Also, the water here is known to have many different Ayurvedic properties. June to January is considered the best time to visit here.

Mayyanad is a small, quintessential village

Mayyanad is located on the banks of Paravur Lake and also on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It’s home to several shrines and temples, most of which are significant in terms of religious value. The Subramanya Temple here is known to be one of the nine most important Hindu temples in India. The village also has a scenic natural beauty that will surely rejuvenate your soul.

Jatayu’s Earth Centre is a rock-themed park

Jatayu’s Earth Centre was opened in 2017 with the sole purpose to promote mythology and adventure tourism. Also called Jatayu Nature Park, it is the world’s largest bird sculpture, spreading over a massive 65 acres of land. It has a 6D theatre, a cable car, an audio/visual digital room, and more. Also, it offers several adventure sports like archery, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

Sasthamkotta Lake is Kerala’s largest freshwater lake

Sasthamkotta Lake (the name is derived from an ancient Sastha Temple nearby) is the largest source of drinking water for the people living in the region. It’s surrounded by majestic hills on the three sides, creating a picturesque landscape that is ideal for photography. It has a huge population of larva chaoborus that consume bacteria from the lake water and make it suitable for drinking.

You can also visit Thirumullavaram Beach, Kollam Adventure Park, Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls, etc.

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