Published By: Jayati


Calculating your self-worth can be an uphill task, here are five easy hacks!

Life puts up several tough situations in front of us. Making a balance between all of them can be hectic and taxing. Choosing the right path will always be tough. However, your core values can help you immensely as you march on through your life parade. Values are aspects of life that make living meaningful, and the conditions that you like to follow. The values can range from integrity to depression, from proximity to compromise.

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 essential methods that you can follow to determine your core values. The core values will shape the present and future of your life, what you desire, at what level your self-dignity is right now.

Observe Your Loved Ones More Carefully

Humans are social beings, they cannot thrive without having a family or friends. There are a few friends whom you admire more than others. Meanwhile, even in your family there are a handful of members whom you trust more valiantly. Observe their daily behaviour and try to think which personal values they follow that makes you so attached to those particular persons. You can even take your role models into consideration. For example, you always thought highly of Shah Rukh Khan. Now try to dissect and identify which aspect you love about him the most. Is it his acting skills, his larger-than-life persona, or his rise through the Bollywood industry despite being an outsider.

Analyze Your Noteworthy Life Incidents

You have gone through many incidents in your life that might have changed your outlook towards life. It can be positive, making you a person yearning for hope. It can also be a depressing incident that makes you anxious. Analyze both types of incidents and try to remember the state of your mind at the time the incidents took place. Try to think what was happening in your mind, which values you were admiring at that moment or which value you stopped giving priority.

List Down Your Core Values

Following the above-mentioned point you can always find out the values that define you the most. Think of yourself as a noob and clear your mind. Forget everything for a moment and recall experiences. Determine how you want your life to be surrounded right now. You want to be taken by a loyal guy or is physical appearance more important to you even if the person cheats? Note down your core values one by one very carefully. There are numerous values, so this might be a headache so take your time.

Singling Out the Primary Theme

After you successfully completed the process of listing your core values down, now is the time for the real test. Try to identify the central theme of the values you chose. Observe and detect what has been the central theme behind the values you chose. For example, if you have chosen emotional connection, proximity and affection, love can be the primary theme.

Consult a Career Expert

Your favorite values might often come against each other in your future career path. Assessing your own worth also outlines the problems you are going to face in order to achieve a lifestyle you deserve. Hence, taking help of an expert in career counselling will always be going to help. They can guide you with their knowledge coming from the experience of working in this field or from the high-end tools they use to determine the right path.