5 Most Amazing and Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries

Discoveries which are still a mystery to researchers

There are many mysterious discoveries in the world that are still unexplained. Researchers are still searching through the pages of history to uncover the real mystery. Their presence certainly makes our minds curious a lot. Let us know about some such archaeological discoveries.

Strange Round Stones Phrase of Costa Rica: Why These Stones Were Made is Unknown

In the 1930s, on the island of Diquis in Costa Rica, while searching for land for banana cultivation, more than three hundred strange round stones were suddenly discovered. These stones are of different sizes. There are stones from a few centimetres to two meters in diameter. It is estimated that these were made around 1400 years ago. But for what purpose these strange round stones were made cannot be said with certainty. However, it is believed that the early inhabitants of the place made these to mark the houses of their rulers.

Weird Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang: Is the Emperor’s Tomb Really There?

The greatest archaeological find of the 20th century was the Tomb of Shi Huang in Xian Province, China. Besides, 8000 terracotta soldier statues, bronze chariots, weapons, and various valuables have been found here. This tomb was covered under nine layers of soil. But the reason behind this is not understood. But history records that King Qin Shi Huang died near the city of Xingtai around 210 BC. It would have taken at least 50 days to transport his body from here to Xian province. By then, his dead body is supposed to rot. So was Qin Shi Huang buried somewhere else?

400 Million Year Old Hammer: Whose Handle was Almost Turned into Coal

A hammer recovered from London in 1936 was carbon dated to be around 400 million years old. The head of this hammer was made of pure iron. This hammer was covered with a stone, and it was so old that its handle had turned into coal. Is this the oldest weapon in the world?

The Strange Device Found in Antikythera: Which is Called the World’s First Computer

A device was found in a shipwreck on the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900. His age was determined to be about 2100 years. Its function was like a computer that could tell astronomical positions and eclipse time perfectly. There were about a dozen gears in this machine. Only one-third of the device was found intact, but scientists were convinced of its functionality. The machine had an advanced gearing system which was a mystery of how it was made in those days.

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