5 Most Beautiful Train Routes in India

Know about the wonders of Indian Railways and the exotic routes it covers in the most remote places in the country.

The train is a treat for a person who loves travelling. You might think air travel is quicker and more convenient, but when it comes to gliding on railway tracks, absorbing the scenic view, you will fall in love with the journey more than the destination. Especially when it is a country as diverse as India. 

Flora and fauna in India never fails to astound us, and travelling through these magical places on a train track feels no less enchanting. The scenery breaking through woods, bridges on the river, open blue skies, snowflakes settling, feels nothing less than moving through wonderland. The setting of tracks in the remotest place makes the journey even more memorable. Here are the best train trips to pick that will surely be etched in your mind.

  1. The Goa Express- Crossing Over Dudhsagar Falls-

Crossing over 6 states in India, it’s a 2000km journey to make you catch a glimpse of many cultures. The majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls at the Ghats of Braganza is a vision to be captured in your memory forever. The journey to Vasco da Gama is the nearest railhead to Goa capital. The view is going to be the perfect postcard for your travel.

  1. Kalka Shimla Railway- Journey Through Pine Trees-

Covering 103 tunnels dotted with beautiful lines of pine forest, the mountain route is a treat for your eyes. The 100 km journey to Shimla through the Himalayan queen is something you just can’t leave out of your travelling plans.

  1. Kerala-

A railway through Gods own abode is like nothing you can imagine. The 250 km stretch through Kollam is a simple feast to your soul. The lined palm trees and the tranquility of the backwaters let you cherish in the silent charm of the place.

  1. Kashmir Valley Railway-

The spectacular view of the Kashmir valley overlooked by the Patni and PirPanjal Range is going to make you feel like having a look at the most beautiful place in the world. You will be spellbound at the view outside your window. The turns on the track and the breathtaking views on bridges will surely make you want to stay there forever.

  1. Darjeeling-

What sets it apart from other train journey is- Toy Train! The huffing Puffing train and its road romance from Siliguri to Darjeeling. The tracks are laid at the height of 2200 meters above sea level. The last station being Ghum is the highest railway station in India. Watching the snowcapped Kanchenjunga from the Batasia loop will keep this journey in your mind forever.

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