5 Most colourful cities in India

These colourful places across India emitvibrance and rejuvenation.

India is one of the most colourful countries in the world with an amalgamation of natural beauty, hues splashed during festivals and intense decorative works. From the stunning flower valleys of Uttarakhand to the French-inspired Pondicherry, there are colours in every step across the country.

Check out these five places across India to have a colourful and happy time.

  1. Jaipur

Known as ‘The Pink City’, Jaipur was painted the pink colour by the Maharaja in 1876 to welcome Queen Victoria and Prince of Wales. After they left, the colour remained in the city and it retained the name. Jaipur is also home to some of the most beautiful palaces that are rich in colour, from the City Palace to the Hawa Mahal. The hospitality of the locals will have you coming back again.

  1. Pondicherry

The beautiful and vibrant colours in Pondicherry come from the French colonies famous for their architectural works. Visited by tourists all year round, the city is one of the finest backpacking destinations in South India. Apart from the structures, the calm streets and scenic lanes will transport you to a peaceful mindset and take your breath away.

  1. McleodGanj

Watch the colourful Tibetan flags sway to the winds in the mesmerizing McleodGanj or Upper Dharamshala. Adding to the flags is the place’s natural beauty of surrounding snow-peaked mountains and lush green valleys. Furthermore, McleodGanj is anideal place to witness the serene and simple life of monks and monasteries.

  1. Goa

Perhaps India’s most colourful destination, the beaches of Goa are dotted with clubs, pubs, palm groves, colourful shacks, lip-smacking food and the always-smiling locals. To see an array of colours in this beach city, visit it during one of their festivals. Visit both north and south Goa to fully immerse in their local culture.

  1. Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers National Park is nestled in Uttarakhand and occupies an area of 21,000 plus acres. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India owing to its combination of snow-clad peaks, milky-white streams and alpine shrubs and meadows. Visit the valley between July and August to see the flowers in full bloom.

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