5 Most scenic train journeys in Japan

Include scenic train rides in your itinerary while travelling to Japan.

Japan has one of the most complex and efficient railway systems in the world, making it every train enthusiasts dream travel destination. From old-fashioned local trains to advanced high-speed trains, trains can reach almost all destinations in the country.

Below we give you a list of our favourite five scenic train journeys in Japan.

Kurobe Gorge Main Line

Kurobe Gorge Main Line runs along the Kurobe River offering you views of the cliffs, valleys, mountains and gorges of the Northern Japan Alps. Covering a distance of 20 kilometres, the train runs from the middle of April till the end of November. However, the most popular season is during autumn when the trees on the journey turn red and orange.

Hakone Tozan Line

The Hakone Tozan Line is a 15-kilometre train journey that runs from Odawara Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station. Witness breathtaking sights of thick-forested mountains and valleys, along with colourful flowers that are in full bloom in June and July. Furthermore, you will be treated to the panoramic views of the valley, especially from the Deyama Bridge.

Sotobo Line

If you are looking to escape to the rural Japan side, hop on the Sotobo Line that starts from Chiba and ends at Kamogawa. Along the journey, it passes some of the other cities like Mobara, Katsuura, Oami-Shirasato and Isumi. The train also offers a view of the rural countryside all along and the Pacific Ocean at the end of the journey.

JR Senmo Line

Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido has a lot to offer to its tourists but the Senmo Line that runs through the city is more popular. It starts at Higashi-Kushiro Station and ends at Kayanuma Station offering views of the Kushiro marshlands on the way. You also might be lucky to spot a group of the iconic Japanese red-crowned cranes or Hokkaido deer.

Sagano Scenic Railway

Watch the natural beauty of the historic city of Kyoto in the Sagano Scenic Railway. The 7.3-kilometre ride has wooden benches and traditional designs that allow passengers to witness the magnificent Hozugawa River. The train runs at a slow and leisurely pace giving the passengers the view of the city’s autumn foliage.

Are you ready to hop on and ride the most scenic train journeys in Japan?

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