5 Movie Tricks Directors Use That Are A Surprise To Us

The most fantastic movie hacks that are used by directors, and we had no idea about!

When we think about our favourite TV shows, there is more than just what is displayed on-screen. Making a movie is no child’s play, and a director would do anything to make the final production flawless.

With time the film industry has undertaken drastic advancement, and a new age film crew has taken up the challenge to adapt to these and devise something even more impressive with smart tricks.

  1. Good Guys use expensive products-

If you are ever in a dilemma deciding on who the hero is and the villain is, notice the brand name on the product they use. The hero depicted in the movie has a clear shot taken with expensive brand names, while the bad guy does not get any branded stuff! This was initially a brainchild of Director Rian Johnson in his movie Knives Out, and later was embraced by many more directors to make it an unsaid but useful distinction for viewers!

  1. 3D Movies don’t hurt eye anymore!

Remember the times when watching a 3D movie came with straining eyes and aching head? Well now we don’t face the same thing, do we? This is because in a 3D film when things are flying right at you, your brain tries to react the same way as with physical objects. This stresses eye muscles and will result in nausea. With time the exceptional effect artists have made movies that makes objects fly very fast, so the brain doesn’t have the time to focus on them.

  1. Children sometimes don’t even know the plot they act in-

Seeing children steal the thunder in a horror movie is common, and some of their performances send shivers down our spine. The irony is, most of these kids have no idea what the film is about! Majority of the fright scenes depend on the lighting and sound, which is done in post-production. Even when kids have to deal with scary props, the directors skillfully make it look like a diversion to keep them distracted.

  1. Movie trailers are made by advertisement agencies-

Marketing the film with an attractive trailer is a very import part of making the movie famous. The 2-minute trailer that we see is not done by the movie crew, it is given to professional advertisement agencies who possess the knack of engaging the target audience strategically.

  1. Bloopers are not accidents!

You must have noticed good movies have tons of bloopers that give us a good laugh and spotting them first makes us want to pat ourselves on the back. But don’t be disheartened when I tell you this, some directors make plotholes on purpose! It increases views and will interest you, even more, to realize you missed out on them because you were so engaged in the movie.

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