5 neglected body parts that need your care

These body parts least cared parts that need your attention right now

There are some parts of the body that need extra care, and there are some parts that don’t. But all of it needs at least some amount of care. Sometimes in the midst of taking those extra care, we forget about some parts of our body totally which sometimes leads to their poor condition and in some extreme cases could lead to health problems. That is why it is important to take care of these parts if not quite often at least sometimes. Total neglect of these areas can lead to serious problems later. That is why, to make sure that you start taking care of these areas, here is the list of these parts which need some of your attention.


Often neglected, the feet are one of the most important and most used parts of the body. We only take care of it when there is a wound or blister, apart from that, this particular part is never of our concern. But it too requires greater attention.  You should always keep your feet clean and tidy as it could affect your overall hygiene. Plus feet are rarely get washed properly, and the accumulation of dirt can make your skin dry and your nails hard.  Thus it should be regularly cleaned, washed and moisturized. Also, use a good pair of shoes and socks to protect it.


Elbows are another part that needs much of your attention. Always exposed to the outer environment, accumulation of dirt and skin burns are pretty common in the case of elbows. The biggest problem that we face is, it gets dark and becomes extremely dry. Although sometimes it may be because of less moisturization and care, sometimes it may also happen due to Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, dead skin cells, hyperpigmentation and side effects of medication. That is why it is important to take care of your elbow. Try exfoliating it with scrubs and use good moisturizers at least twice a week.


Your hands need even more care than your face and hair. It is the most exposed and used part of your body and is always in contact with germs. Thus, it needs a proper and strict routine of care.  From protection to sanitization, hands need all sorts of care. While washing nowadays has become compulsory, too much washing hands can also lead to severe dryness and skin irritation, thus, moisturization becomes of utmost importance. Apart from that, using sunscreen on your hand along with your face before stepping out is necessary to keep it protected from sunburns.


Both behind and inside your ear needs to be kept clean or may lead to many problems. While you have to be super careful while cleaning your inner ear, the outer part of it should be cleaned regularly, especially the back of the ears. For the inner ears, just remove the wax once in a while with clean earbuds, while for the outer and behind the ear you need to clean it with soaps and then moisturize. Sometimes due to lack of attention to these areas, acne and cysts have been found.

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