Published By: Shreya Ghai

5 Netflix shows and movies every Restaurateur should binge-watch!

If you are a restaurateur and want to see the authentic restaurant life on screen, we have curated a list of 5 shows that you must watch right now!

Netflix has something for everyone as we know. So is it for the restaurateurs, who bring so much of vibrance on the table through their food but seeing the most important part of their life as a chef, a restaurant manager, or a restaurant owner brought to life on screen is very exciting and motivating for them. We’ve put a list of 5 movies and shows that every restaurateur must watch.

  1. Chef’s Table
A documentary of 6 seasons featuring 30 chefs from around the globe. The series unfolds the journey of each chef, their hardships and struggles and their success story of becoming chefs and restaurateurs. It beautifully depicts their journey of incredible experiences and adventure. If you are a chef or aspiring to get into the restaurant business, Chef’s Table will surely give a whole new life to your passion.
  1. Chef (2014)
The chef is a gem to restaurateurs. It tells us a story of a chef who quits his job at a restaurant, ends up buying a food truck and allows his passion to flow and stands up for what he loves. Despite facing criticism, he does not quit his love for cooking and carve a niche for himself in the industry, The movie is not just flavourful but a treat to the eye because of its characters like Carl Casper who you cannot stop looking at. This Movie would surely make you want to start your dream cafe right away.
  1. The Final Table
A high-level culinary competition show. The show is hosted by the famous restaurant editor of Bon Appetit. It revolves around localised themes in one kitchen majorly including food countries like Mexico, India, Frame, Italy and many more. Two successful chefs work together to create the best dishes. You will learn a lot of new techniques used in cooking and how devoted a chef remains to his kitchen.
  1. Ugly Delicious
From pizzas to home-cooked food, to simple fried rice from a local kitchen, Ugly Delicious has it all. Produced by David Chang and Peter Meehan the editor-in-chief of Shuttered Food magazine came up with this food travel show. The beauty of the show lies in the Authenticity of finding the heart and soul of the dish. It’s truly inspirational to see them giving life to their food. It's an inspiration if you have a passion to work on fusion recipes.
  1. Sugar Rush Christmas
A Netflix original, this series is for those who love baking. It’s a baking competition between four different teams including two bakers per team. The bakers prepare desserts throughout in three rounds and present it to the judge of the day. The Sugar rush you get when you see the show is for real. You get to see the real side of baking, best techniques, minor details, Right frosting, accurate icing, For all those who have been dreaming and planning to bake from and sell, this one is for you.

There are a lot more than what we’ve mentioned, keep looking out for them on Netflix whenever you’re hungry! Satisfy your binge-watch appetite right now!