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5 peculiar behaviors that make people respect you more

The art of garnering respect— It’s not easy. But here is a list of very peculiar ways of doing exactly that; coaxing the respect that you actually deserve. Street smarts would get you a long way here, and years of sharing this pretty blue planet with a bunch of loners and misfits have taught me that respect can be earned in many peculiar ways, some more radical than others. Here is a list of 5 really unique ways to ensure that people around you do respect you.

Human behavior is already peculiar and if we tap into its peculiarity with innovation we can get a lot of attention, not to mention the out of the beaten path experience.

Smile Less – Yes! This can actually create the intended mystery that you want to surround yourself with. We do get very intrigued by people who don’t smile when we expect them to. It makes a firm statement and the people that person engages with cannot overlook such blunt behavior.

Repeating the words of others— Most people are oversharer, they want to empty their minds and share all about their lives and their problems. It’s rare for people to turn this around and make people feel really heard. An effective way to do this is to repeat their words. This approach will help reinforce the strong connection between the two of you.

Be undistracted – One of the major ways to ensure engagement in meaningful conversations is to listen attentively. This garners much respect among people as it is a rare and beautiful quality to be undistracted when someone is sharing something with you. This approach will ensure respect among peers almost instantly. Try it.

Introduce topics of conversation that takes you out of your comfort zone. Talk about things that few really dare to talk about. This approach proves authenticity and is very employable to garner respect.

Avoid talking about yourself— When people cannot get enough of speaking about themselves, dare not to speak about yourself. You’ll see, people will notice. Don’t go on about your achievements, rather, try asking questions. And try to give only authentic complements but do try. It’s important for us to show interest in people and it sure does garner respect.

Try these offbeat ways and see if that gets people around you respect you more!

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