5 places to visit in Assam during the monsoon season

Planning to travel in Assam? You can explore Assam at your heart’s will and still never get bored.

In monsoon, the floral beauty of Assam is splendid. The valleys and the national parks are all covered with green velvet and colourful flowers. You can visit many places in Assam, and we have picked the top five places.

Haflong: Only Hill Station in Assam

Imagine a hill station in the hills. Everywhere one can look are green trees, a river, birds chirping and a pleasant atmosphere. One might be at Haflong, the only hill station in Assam in Dima Hasao district. Here you can visit the Haflong lake just nearby. In 10 Km one can go to Jatinga which is rather infatuating for ornithologists. Here, from an elevated tower, birds commit suicide. People can go to Panimur waterfalls formed by the river Kopili. The water is crystal clear and you would love the ambiance.

Kaziranga Forest: Wildlife Tour

Want to see deer, elephants, one-horned rhino, pythons or tigers? You may want to visit Kaziranga, a wildlife sanctuary in Tezpur, Assam. Kaziranga is a typical tiger reserve. You can find the exotic Royal Bengal Tigers here.

Majuli Island: Peace and Culture

Majuli island is the soul of Assam. It’s a river island on the Brahmaputra. It’s been carrying the cultural beauty of Assam for over 500 years. Majuli invites you to experience its majestic landscape beauty with lots of cultural activities including Sattriya dance, literature, mask making, music, painting, pottery and dramatics. The mask making is quite famous around the world. There are three tribes here which are Mishing, Sonowal, Kachari and Deori. There are monasteries too.

Dibrugarh: The Tea City

Situated on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, the whole town is covered with never-ending tea gardens. It’s basically a gateway to go to the tea districts of Assam. The atmosphere here will definitely lift up your mood, especially if you are a solo traveller. Dibrugarh contributes the most in Assam’s total tea crop. The title “The Tea City ” stands firmly for this place.


Bongaigaon is situated in the southern part of Assam. It is easily accessible through train routes. It offers the tourists a splendid wildlife sanctuary ‘Kakoijana’ which is just 14 Km apart from the town. There is a golden Langur in the forest. There are Nakkati hills, Koyakujia beel, Bagheswari temple, Rock cut cave and what not.

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